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Kane County divorce lawyerWe all know how challenging interpersonal relationships can be. Unfortunately, difficult situations like divorce and child-related legal proceedings can bring out the worst in people, making such relationships even more trying. Thanks to modern technology, individuals are more readily accessible to one another and connected like never before. Thus, it is easier than ever for your soon-to-be ex-spouse to lash out and send an angry text or email, tempting you to respond in a similar manner. Doing so, however, can be detrimental to your case, so it is important to keep your focus on moving forward.

Responding Is Not Always Necessary

When you receive hostile communication from your former partner or your child’s other parent, keep in mind that the email or text has no power over you unless you allow it to have this power. Angry messages may be an attempt by the sender to vent or relieve his or her own frustration, or they may be intended to rile up your emotions. Before deciding how to respond, step back and determine if a response is even required or appropriate.

See Through the Hostility

Although it is easier said than done, you need to break down the email or text to determine what actual issues, if any, are being raised. Your spouse may be attempting to address a legitimate concern, but he or she has buried the problem in vitriol and emotion. If you cannot decipher what issue needs to be addressed, responding is probably pointless and unnecessary.

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childrenand divorce, illinois divorce attorneyNo matter how hard parents work to reduce the stress, confusion, and hurt their children experience due to divorce, there is simply no easy way to get around the difficulties that surround the process. Divorce is emotionally taxing on everyone involved, but according to staff from the well-revered Mayo Clinic medical research center, there are certain steps you can take as parents to help make your children’s adjustment a little less painful in the long run.

Get Off On the Right Foot

While we know it is impossible for anyone to emerge from divorce completely unscathed, the transition can, at the very least, be less jarring when it is handled with care from the very beginning. This is especially true where children are concerned, as they are still developing and their emotions are heightened during stressful circumstances.

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Kane County divorce attorneysPurchasing items with credit is a common practice today and one to which many people have become accustomed. According to USA Today, the average American household carries almost $16,000 of credit card debt at any given time. This reliance on credit means those who are considering a divorce should take extra care to ensure that they have their credit in order. This is especially true for people who have stopped working to care for the home while their spouse has continued to draw a paycheck. One of the most contentious issues in many divorces is actually the division of debt--not assets. Finances are often tight for each partner after a divorce, and matters are made even more challenging when the new beginning comes with a large debt burden.

Here are some tips to help you get your credit on solid footing:

Check Your Credit Score

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Kane County divorce attorneysAre you the type of person who is quick to share photos and experiences with your friends and followers on Facebook or Instagram? Social media networks like these can certainly be fun and help keep distant family members up to date with each other’s lives. When you are in the midst of a divorce, however, social media can be an unexpected source of danger. It is important to keep a few things in mind if you intend to stay on social media as your marriage is coming to an end.

Image Can Be Everything

Part of the reason that social media sites are so attractive for users is that they allow a person to present a carefully managed version of themselves to their friends and followers. Very few users post embarrassing photos or stories about themselves; instead, they focus on the high points. The problem with social media as it relates to divorce, however, is the lack of context.

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child support payments, deadbeat parents, Illinois family law attorney, A single parent who relies on child support payments to make ends meet should not have to worry about those payments being made on time. Unfortunately, though, there are some “deadbeat” parents who not only fail to make timely payments, but who fail to make payments at all.

Illinois law provides procedures to enforce child support obligations. But what happens when the parent who is obliged to make payments lives out of state?

Illinois adheres to the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, which provides rules for establishing, enforcing and modifying child support orders when there is more than one state involved. One of the principal concerns that the Act addresses is personal jurisdiction – the power of a court over particular parties. Generally an Illinois court does not have personal jurisdiction over an out-of-state resident, unless that resident has ties to the state.

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