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new horizonDivorce is a major change in anyone’s life.  It is challenging in many ways.  A divorce may even cause an identity crisis that could take years to recover from and regain your life.  But it is helpful to know that you are not OK, it makes it easier to get on the right track. Why the process to recovery takes so long is because there are two things happening at the same time.  The first objective is to recover from your loss.  The second objective is to rebuild your life again without your partner. In regards to the first goal, it is hard to expect a timeline of events for the grieving process.  No one mourns in the same way as someone else.  While the stages of grief include denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, it is hard to feel just one at a time.  Grief tends to be more chaotic than a series of steps. For the second part of recovery, there is no blueprint to use.  Occasionally small things will trip you up.  The decision to sleep on the other side of the bed will seem strange.  Embrace the newness of your situation and make it your own.  Whether that means buying some new sheets for your bed or painting your kitchen the color you have always wanted. This is a new stage in your life.  While you make changes to make it your own, lean on the support of your family and friends.  They will be invaluable during your transition.  It might be the case that you will need to branch out and make new friends.  Going through a divorce is about finding a new perspective and forging a new future without your spouse. The realization that divorce is necessary will come from within.  If you have come to that decision that it is time, then it is necessary to receive legal guidance.  Contact an experienced family law attorney in Kane County today.

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amicable divorceBusinesses are starting to hire again.  Home prices have been steadily rising along with interest rates.  While the economy has been recovering since the recession, personal economies are not as easy to improve.  In that regard, it is important to save money without sacrificing the end result. That is essentially what the collaborative divorce process provides.  It is a less costly way to separate from your spouse and find an amicable solution to difficult topics such as child support, child custody and division of property. An amicable divorce can be obtained through mediation or collaboration rather than going to court and receive a decision from a judge.  In collaborative law, each spouse retains the assistance of an attorney whose serves as a negotiator for what each side wants.  In mediation, the spouses only require one lawyer.  Rather than waiting for a judge to decide what is fair, the couple must cooperative and make concessions for what is best. There are also financial benefits of settling accounts without turning to litigation.  The preparation for divorce litigation is expensive because experts must be questioned, documents must be produced, and information must be gathered.  Since the goal of litigation is to get everything you want, the costs can be high and the process can be long.  But it might be all for not, because most litigious divorces will settle before going to trial, which is a waste of time and money. There are also emotional benefits.  If the marriage produced children, they will be a focal point of the divorce process.  An amicable divorce can avoid the distress of putting them on the stand to say who they would like the custodial parent to be.  Since your spouse will still be a part of your children’s life, it is important to remain on good terms.  That might be harder to do after a hotly contested litigious divorce.  For more information concerning an amicable divorce, contact an experienced attorney in Saint Charles today.
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Watching a friend or family member suffer through a divorce and all the things that come with it is difficult. Sometimes it is hard to know just what to say or do. However, according to the Huffington Post, there are a few things that you should never do when it comes to helping someone come with divorce. Theresa Remain Neutral You may have known your friend since childhood or she may be a new acquaintance. Whatever the case may be, remember that you are only hearing half of the story. You have to be careful not to take sides in the situation. You do not want to condone any wrongdoing. Don’t be afraid to let her know that you are her friend but that you don’t intend to choose sides.  Don’t Trash the Ex You should be there to listen to what your friend is going through. However, you should avoid trash talking the soon to be ex. Firstly, you are not in the position to judge and you do not want to make matters worse. Secondly, if you declare it open season to say all of the terrible things that you can think of about the ex, what happens if they decided to reconcile the relationship? That can lead to some awkward feelings.  You are not a Lawyer Even if you have been through a divorce yourself, you are not the divorce guru and you are not qualified to give legal advice. You don’t want to mislead your friend or family member when it comes to something that is so important. If your friend has questions about the legal process, refer him or her to call an experienced Kane County family law attorney that can provide them with the answers that they are looking for. That is what a good friend should do.
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In a world where everyone is looking for a way to save some money, many people are turning to do it yourself legal channels. While some matters can be done this way, experts advise against DIY divorces. A report by the Huffington Post talks about the pros and cons. TheresaThe Pros
  • The forms may seem easy to understand and the language straightforward.
  • It can be cost effective for a couple that has a "simple" case.
  • The forms are relatively easy to obtain and there is no additional waiting period.
  • The divorce can be finalized with one court appearance.
  • Consulting an attorney is cheaper than paying for full representation.
The Cons
  • You are more like to make unsound financial decisions.
  • Your rights will not be properly attended.
  • You may not understand the process, or it may not be as simple as you are led to believe.
  • If your spouse has legal counsel you may feel cheated at the end.
  • There will be a limitation on the legal advice that you will receive, which means your best interests may not be protected.
Unless you are a lawyer, the legal ramifications of tackling a divorce pro se can be devastating. Chances are, you may end up losing thousands of dollars in a settlement just to save a few hundred on the divorce itself. Even lawyers have lawyer that represent them in areas of the law that they don’t practice. Not having an attorney may keep you from presenting all of the information that you feel that the court needs to hear regard your case. There are also many scams that are out there under the guise of do it yourself divorces. Receiving sound legal advice in a divorce case can be priceless. The only way that you can be sure that your rights are protected is by consulting with an experienced and knowledgeable Illinois divorce attorney. Your lawyer will explain everything to you and represent you before the judge.
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Recently, the Huffington Post released a story about couples getting divorced. A new study conducted found that the number one concern for couples getting divorced is the cost. Of the respondents without children, 58 percent of them agreed that cost was their number one concern, along with 53 percent of those couples with children. Lucy cost of divorceAnother 42 percent said they were most concerned about property division, 27 percent said the length of time the entire divorce proceeding would take and 22 percent said they were most concerned about alimony. The study also asked people about whether or not they used a lawyer when they got divorced and found that over two-thirds, 65 percent, of those questioned did use a divorce attorney for their case. The vice president of marketing for the company that conducted the survey said that the average cost to get divorced as of June 2013 was roughly $15,000. Although the vice president agreed that it is an expensive cost, he did admit that he was surprised that it was the number one concern. “It’s no wonder that cost it a key factor…however, we were surprised at how significant a concern it is,” said the vice president. He also shared that the study showed that this concern was wide spread across all income levels as well. The Huffington Post also reported on another, even more recent study from Kansas University that also found money as a big part of divorce. It found that “couples who argue about money, especially early in their relationship, are more likely to divorce.” If are on the verge of a divorce and are concerned about the cost of divorce, contact a family law attorney to answer your questions about the divorce process. Goostree Law Group will help you through your divorce proceedings in Kane County, Ill. today.
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