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Do You Need More Time Before Starting Your Divorce?When you and your spouse have decided that your marriage is over, it feels like there is little reason to delay getting a divorce. You may be eager to complete your divorce and move into the next stage of your life. Prolonging your marriage can be just as stressful for your children as your divorce will be because they can tell that you are unhappy and your relationship is strained. However, a short delay in starting your divorce could ultimately pay off if you need time to prepare yourself.

Financial Security

In the rush to complete a divorce, some people do not spend enough time considering how they will support themselves – in both the short term and long term. As a newly single adult, you will be paying for all of your living expenses without the benefit of your spouse’s income. As a result, you will need to figure out:

  • A new budget for yourself
  • Ways that you can cut down on your expenses
  • How you can increase your individual income

The surest way to increase your income is by finding a new job, which may require you to go back to school to improve your qualifications. Some of your marital expenses may follow you into divorce, such as paying off marital debt and expenses related to keeping your home. You will also need to build up your own source of savings, such as opening an individual bank account. All of these issues are easier to handle and less costly to you if you start on them before you begin your divorce.

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How a Divorce Coach Can Improve Your DivorceDivorce is more than a logistical process that determines who gets what properties and how you share responsibility for your children. For you, it is an emotional and personal process that will at times make you feel uncertain about your life and your future. Divorce is a new and frightening experience for most people, and it can be helpful to have someone who is knowledgeable to guide you through the process. That is why a growing number of divorcees find it empowering to have a divorce coach.

What Is a Divorce Coach?

A divorce coach is a professional who works with divorce clients on handling their emotional concerns and guides them towards being a constructive part of the divorce process. A divorce coach is part of your divorce team that includes your attorney. Divorce coaching has grown as a profession in recent decades, and there are programs that train divorce coaches how to handle real-life scenarios that occur in divorces. Finding a Certified Divorce Coach should assure you that you are working with someone who understands how to help you.

What Can a Divorce Coach Do for Me?

A divorce coach can be useful at any stage of the divorce process. Clients will consult divorce coaches to:

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divorceWhen you and your spouse have reached the point that you decide to end your marriage, you could feel like your entire world has spun out of control. You might know intellectually what to expect, such as meeting with attorneys and the court to determine the terms of your divorce settlement, but feel emotionally frozen and unable to mentally tackle these issues. Getting yourself into the right mindset to proceed with your divorce is key to moving through the process efficiently.

It is important to take certain steps to make the divorce process easier for you. Because every couple's circumstances are unique, every divorce is unique. Work with an experienced divorce attorney to determine how the circumstances present in your divorce case can make certain preparation steps more urgent or not applicable to your case.

Gather All of your Financial Records

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