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At Shaw, Jacobs, Goostree & Associates, P.C., we provide experienced and professional legal services in all areas of family law and other related issues. We are committed to helping families work through the legal issues involved in a divorce, child related disputes, and property disputes. Our attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience, and we are extensively familiar with all aspects of family law. Whether you are experiencing difficulties and are thinking about speaking to an attorney, or whether a legal action has begun, we can promptly meet with you to listen to your concerns and explain your options, professionally and confidentially.

The legal process is stereotypically stressful and mystifying - TV and media continue to promote images of divorce and family matters, usually in an inaccurate manner and with extreme nastiness. Having handled and resolved family law matters by agreement, through mediation and negotiation and through hearings and trials, we can provide experienced, courteous and competent advice to guide you through and help resolve your issues.

At Shaw, Jacobs, Goostree & Associates, P.C., we fully appreciate the sensitive nature of family law disputes. Many of our clients expressed fear and concern about their situation, and with the legal process in general, prior to speaking with us but found relief and confidence after meeting with us to learn the facts about their options and legal rights.

Our Experience

We have represented mothers, fathers, children, witnesses and family members, including celebrities, doctors and other high-income earners, as well stay-at-home moms and the working man. We have represented every walk of life, and it has strengthened our experience and ability to effectively represent you. Many clients are relieved to learn that we have handled their situation before, and that we can offer insight to help resolve difficult circumstances. Let us help you with our experience and insight.

Free Consultation: Please call the St. Charles Illinois family and divorce attorneys of Shaw, Jacobs, Goostree & Associates, P.C. at (630) 584-4800 to ask a question or set up a confidential free initial consultation.

We strive to help you through the legal process as you seek to restore your life emotionally and financially. Acting as life restorers, we intend to listen to your particular situation, offer candid and helpful legal advice, and to help you strategize and make important decisions. Legal issues, financial needs and emotional or other life factors work together to help you restore your life.

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