Understanding the Advantages and Disadvantages to an AnnulmentWhile divorce is the most common way for married couples to legally separate, couples also have the option to annul their marriage. Annulment dissolves the marriage on the grounds that it is invalid, which can mean the marriage retroactively never existed. In Illinois, there are four categories that qualify for annulment:

  • If the marriage is illegal, such as incest, bigamy or being forced to marry under duress
  • If one party was mentally incapable of consenting to the marriage
  • If one party was unaware that the other party was incapable of having sexual intercourse
  • If one of the parties is younger than 18 and did not receive parental consent to marry

Even if you qualify for annulment, you should consider whether an annulment is your best option. There are advantages and disadvantages to getting an annulment instead of a divorce:


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How to Communicate With Your Toddler About DivorceGetting divorced is an emotionally trying time for parents and their children, but being the divorced parents of a toddler brings unique challenges. While older children may feel guilty over the divorce, toddlers are at a developmental stage when they are too young to understand what a divorce is. However, they do know that their world has been disrupted because their parents are no longer together.

Because toddlers do not have the communication skills to explain their feelings, they are more likely to have behavioral reactions, including:

  • Tantrums
  • Sleep trouble
  • Increased separation anxiety
  • Behavioral regression, such as thumb sucking

While these behaviors can lead to developmental setbacks, research has shown toddlers of divorced parents can still develop normally if their parents properly communicate with them. 

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division of assets, kane county divorce lawyerAmong the many concerns spouses have throughout the divorce process, it is no surprise that a significant anxiety that often plagues those undergoing a split is worry over finances. Depending on your income, earning potential, employment situation, and the belongings you and your spouse have acquired over the course of your marriage, that worry may be severely compounded when children are added to the equation or when there is a drastic difference in your debt to income ratio.

Plan Ahead When Possible

Whatever your financial circumstances as you work through the end of your marriage, you will need to come to grips with your situation sooner, rather than later. It is imperative to obtain a snapshot of your finances in order to work with your attorney, financial planner, and accountant to plan for and create financial security for yourself following the divorce. Doing so requires a full inventory sweep of your financial obligations and assets.

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signs of divorce, illinois divorce attorney, kane countyThe road to divorce is often a subtle one, sneaking up on both parties until the undeniable dysfunction plaguing their relationship is glaring and unavoidable. Some marriages unravel over a very long period of time, while others deteriorate quickly, within the first few years of marriage.

Regardless of how long it takes for a marriage to fall apart, the signs of an impending split are usually present early on and often continue to exhibit themselves throughout the course of the marriage, although many couples are unable to spot them at first. It is not uncommon for spouses to be so wrapped up in raising their children or building their careers that they miss the red flags signaling trouble in their marriage.

Signs of Marriage Trouble

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kindness after divorce, Kane County family law attorneysMost people think of divorce as a contentious matter – one in which parties fight to the bitter end over big things, small things, and everything in between. Yet this is not always the case. A dad in Boston is proving it in his everyday life by doing kind and compassionate things for his ex-wife. When asked why, his simple and straightforward response was that it teaches his boys to be kind and loving toward all women, especially their mother. The following shows how right he is, and can help you have an amicable divorce as well.

Focus on What Really Matters

When asked how he manages to keep things amicable between himself and his ex-wife, the Boston man said he and his ex-wife decided early on that they were going to avoid petty behavior in front of the kids. More than that, they were going to put in the effort to co-parent and show one another respect. The mother is completely on board as well. On Father’s Day, she makes sure their sons purchase a gift for their dad.

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