St. Charles family law attorneyDomestic violence is a problem that continues to affect countless families throughout Illinois and across the country. At our law firm, we are proud to help those whose lives have been impacted by such abuse and stand united with those who are working to reduce and eliminate domestic violence from our communities. It is with this in mind that we remind our friends and neighbors that while October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we can all do our part every day to provide care and support for abuse victims.

How It All Started

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Kane County family law attorneyThe Social Security Administration provides disability benefits for individuals who qualify to receive them. This coverage is known as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Parents who receive SSDI can also receive coverage for their children to help cover the costs of raising a child while being too disabled to earn a sufficient income. Like all other forms of income, one's SSDI benefits can be affected by his or her divorce. This can, in turn, affect your child's SSDI coverage. If you are an SSDI recipient with a minor child who receives SSDI coverage and you are considering filing for divorce, discuss this with your divorce lawyer.

How Divorce Affects SSDI Benefits for Minor Children

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Kane County divorce lawyerAlternative dispute resolution (ADR) can provide a divorcing couple with an efficient, reduced-conflict path to a mutually-satisfying divorce settlement. However, it is not the right choice for every couple. Sometimes, divorcing through an ADR method like mediation or collaborative law can seem like the right choice, but then prove to be impossible for the couple to complete once they actually begin the process. When this happens, the couple must explore other options for completing their divorce. Sometimes, a couple can try ADR again with greater success. In other cases, litigation is the right choice.

Try Working With Another Mediator

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Kane County family law attorneyTeenagers make mistakes. Sometimes, these mistakes result in misdemeanor charges, like a shoplifting or underage possession of alcohol charge. In some cases, an adolescent can face a felony charge. As a divorced parent with a shared parenting time and parental responsibilities agreement, you might wonder what your role is regarding your child's criminal record.

In Illinois, charges, convictions, and penalties for minors are handled by the Illinois Department of Juvenile Justice. If your child has been charged with a crime, start working with a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in juvenile offenses to handle his or her case. This is not the only lawyer you should contact, however. Speak with your family lawyer as well to determine your rights and responsibilities as a parent and how your child's conviction will, if at all, affect your current arrangements.

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Kane County family law attorneyAlthough same-sex marriage is legal throughout the United States and Illinois law was recently amended to allow same-sex parents to become legal parents to any child born or conceived during their marriage, there are still certain issues that same-sex parents can face that do not affect heterosexual parents or, if they do affect heterosexual parents, do not affect them as widely or as profoundly. In the divorce process, same-sex couples are treated identically to heterosexual couples – or ideally, should be. Sometimes, a biased judge can make unfair rulings, requiring the couple to take time to appeal the ruling in order to receive fair treatment. If you are a parent in a same-sex relationship who is divorced, preparing to divorce, or working through another legal issue like adopting a child or modifying an established court order, discuss any specific issues you might face with your family lawyer before your proceed.

Legal Parentage of Your Children

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