Kane County family law attorneyWhen you were growing up, did you have fantasies about what your wedding day would look like? If you are like most people, the answer is probably yes. Once a couple gets engaged, they often spend months choosing dresses, flowers, and all of the accessories that will make their wedding perfect. With so much focus on the marriage ceremony and reception, far fewer couples spend adequate time preparing for the marital relationship itself. They tend to assume that loving one another is enough and everything else can be addressed when the time comes. Many marriages, however, are too complicated to leave to chance, and a prenuptial agreement could provide a measure of security for both spouses.

The Basics of Prenuptial Agreement

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Kane County family law attorneyIssues of money and property are often among the most contested elements in any divorce situation. A couple who has spent many years building a life together frequently have trouble disengaging from one another, at least in regard to their assets and debts. When divorcing spouses cannot reach a negotiated agreement regarding how their property will be divided, the court will make such decisions for them. The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA) provides fairly straightforward guidelines for the distribution of marital property which must be followed by the court.

What Property Will Be Divided?

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Kane County divorce attorneysWhen you are going through a divorce, it is imperative for you and your spouse to be completely forthcoming about your respective financial situations. Without full transparency, it is impossible for you and your spouse—or the court, when necessary—to properly divide the marital estate in accordance with Illinois law. In many cases, unfortunately, one spouse will look to manipulate the division of assets by hiding property and income streams to avoid having to share them with his or her partner. While it is often possible to address such behavior before the divorce proceedings are finalized, hidden assets may go undiscovered until after the divorce judgment has been entered. If you recently discovered that your former spouse was hiding assets during your divorce, it is not too late to take action.

Reopening Your Divorce

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Kane County family law attorneysThe financial implications of a divorce cannot be overstated. This reality is especially true for those that put a career on hold to raise a family or to advance the professional aspirations of their spouse. Even in marriages where both spouses work, one often makes much less than the other and could face financial hardships following divorce. These individuals may need some measure of spousal support to meet necessary expenses.

Earlier this year, the Illinois Legislature enacted a number of significant changes to the divorce laws, including provisions related to spousal support. These changes reflect efforts to make it to easier to get divorced and to give the outcome of divorce cases more predictability. On the issue of spousal support, predictability is extremely important to parties that do not earn a lot of money and must worry about paying the bills on one income following a divorce.

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Kane County family law attorneysHas your spouse recently filed for divorce? If so, he or she was able to choose the county in which the petition was filed and in which the proceedings are to be held. It may come as a surprise to learn that you are not necessarily bound by your spouse’s choice. While he or she may have filed first, you have the right to object to the chosen venue, but the law in Illinois requires you to act quickly.

What is Venue?

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