Publications / Lectures

Matthew G. Shaw is a renowned author and lecturer in the State of Illinois. Mr. Shaw has published numerous articles in the area of family law on topics including:

  • Jurisdiction
  • Pre-Marital Agreements
  • Dissipation of Marital Assets
  • Child Support and Prior Obligations
  • Bankruptcy fraud in divorce cases.

Mr. Shaw routinely lectures in the State of Illinois and throughout the Country and has lectured on topics including:

  • Negotiating/Drafting Maintenance provisions – Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, June 22, 2007;
  • Commingled and Transmuted Property – Chicago, Illinois, September 21, 2006;
  • Turning a Witness, New Orleans, Louisiana, April 9, 2005;
  • Ethical Dilemmas for the Family Law Practitioner, Bloomington, Illinois, March 1, 2004;
  • Custody Modification: What are Your Odds? Las Vegas, Nevada, February 15, 2003;
  • Hot Tips for Custody Litigation, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, June 21, 2002;
  • Ethical Problems for the Divorce Practice, Peoria, Illinois, October 12, 1994;
  • Organizing a Small Divorce Office; the Business of Law (panel discussion), Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, June 25, 1993;
  • Custody Evaluations Under Illinois Supreme Court Rule 215(a) and (d) and IMDMA 604 and 605, Chicago, Illinois, December 4, 1992;
  • Jurisdiction, St. Louis, Missouri, June 28, 1991.

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