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Kane County Divorce Lawyers

Attorneys for Family Matters in Northern Illinois

Family law matters are both legally and emotionally challenging. When emotions run high, so do the stakes. At the Kane County family law firm of Goostree Law Group, our attorneys cut through the drama and focus on achieving our clients’ goals. Whether you are going through a divorce or involved in another family law matter, we have the skills and experience to effectively advocate on your behalf both in negotiations and at trial.

A negotiated settlement is almost always the preferred outcome in a divorce, as the process is generally smoother and easier on the family as a whole. Avoiding trial will also speed up the divorce process and allow you and your spouse to exercise greater control over the outcome. Everyone wins when both parties are able to come together and make the difficult decisions related to:

While we strive to negotiate a favorable settlement for our clients in every case we take, we are always prepared to go to trial if negotiations fail. As strong litigators, we know how to effectively present our clients’ case to a judge.

& Efficient

A divorce is a life-changing event, and going through the process can be draining in many ways. Resolving all of the issues pertaining to a divorce often takes a significant amount of time, and time is money. At our firm, we strive to resolve divorce matters as soon as possible in order to save our clients expense and aggravation.


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If you are in need of experienced and skillful divorce or family law representation, contact us at 630-584-4800 to schedule a free consultation.

We will explain what you can expect from the legal process and work with you to plan a strategy for success. We work with clients throughout Northern Illinois including Kane County and the surrounding areas.

High Asset

Couples that have a high net worth may need to address multiple types of complex financial issues during the divorce process. We can assist with the valuation of business assets, protecting professional practices, uncovering hidden assets, appraising real estate and other valuable assets, protecting investments, and other concerns that may affect these cases.

Divorce Over 50

The divorce rate for couples over age 50 has more than doubled in recent years. This can be attributed to several factors, not the least of which is the desire to live an emotionally happy and satisfying life. With children grown and the number of years ahead of major concern, many older couples are choosing to go their separate ways. Called "gray divorce", these cases have issues that are very different from younger couples. With more years together, there are often more complex assets including businesses and real estate, to divide.

Nearing Retirement

Divorce can be unsettling, and this is especially true for couples close to or in retirement, particularly as it relates to financial support.

Health Concerns

Older divorcing spouses may face face health issues that require personal assistance or limit their ability to support themselves.

Financial Issues

Older couples going through divorce may face unique financial concerns around asset division, retirement, and spousal support.

Asset Division

Dividing extensive and valuable marital assets that have accumulated over many years of marriage often requires an experienced attorney.

Spousal Support

The issue of spousal maintenance can be complex when the primary earner spouse may not be working for very long into the future.

Goostree Law Group

A "gray divorce" may involve assets, including businesses and real estate. One or both spouses may be close to retirement, impacting spousal maintenance and other financial concerns. There may also be health issues to take into consideration. At Goostree Law Group, we can help you address divorce-related issues as you near your retirement years.

Always Keeping
Your Child's Best
Interest in Mind

At Goostree Law Group, we understand the emotional turmoil that comes with any family law issue involving children. While most parents try to protect their children and want the best for them, it can become difficult when opposing parties have different agendas.

Our experienced attorneys care deeply about our clients and their children. We will attempt to minimize conflict when possible but seek solutions in the courtroom when necessary. If you have an issue related to children including support, parenting time or parental decision making, we can help address:

While we strive to negotiate a favorable settlement for our clients in every case we take, we are always prepared to go to trial if negotiations fail. As strong litigators, we know how to effectively present our clients’ case to a judge.

Family Law
Beyond Divorce

If you are not yet ready to legally terminate your marriage, you may opt for a legal separation while remaining legally married to your spouse. If you are an unmarried parent, you may need to establish paternity for your child. Family law also includes the preparation of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, which have become more and more commonplace in the world of marrying later, wealth accumulation, and multiple marriages.

The attorneys at Goostree Law Group have over 80 years of combined experience in the practice of family law. We represent parents seeking to establish paternity in order to receive support or to enjoy time with their child. We assist same-sex couples seeking to divorce and establish the division of assets from years of accumulation prior to legal marriage. And, we seek to protect our clients and their families from domestic violence through orders of protection. If you have a family law matter that needs legal guidance, contact Goostree Law Group today.

Goostree Law Group

“...In the midst of the drama inherent in any divorce, I knew Goostree was an anchor that I could count on for advice...”

high conflict divorce

High Conflict Divorce Issues

While some divorces are able to be resolved amicably, many are not. A variety of issues can lead to high conflict divorce situations including cheating, financial dishonesty, mental health problems, anger issues, and addiction. At Goostree Law Group, we are prepared to seek orders of protection against stalking and harassing behavior, as well as defend against false allegations.

Enforcement and modification

Enforcement & Modifications

Once a divorce is final, most people hope to move on with their lives without the need for attorneys and judges. Unfortunately, many divorces require legal intervention after the initial decree is final. Whether you have issues related to changes in circumstances, non-payment of support or parental conflicts, Goostree Law Group can help keep you moving forward.

From Our Clients

Tricia has been invaluable in helping resolve my post-divorce custody issues. She navigated tough situations and got fantastic results...


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