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We have resolved many cases by agreement, and we have completed uncontested divorces very quickly. We have the necessary experience to make sure the agreement you have is the agreement that ends up in a court order or uncontested divorce order. We can explain the legal terms, and explain what effect the agreed order will have. This includes divorces where all or most of the terms are agreed up front, or where the other party does not participate and is held in default. We handle every type of agreed case. We know what you want and we know what to do.

Negotiating Agreements

Many times, we help negotiate the terms of the agreement. Often agreements are reached prior to proceeding to court. We offer settlement conferences where appropriate, and we will work to resolve a legal issue before court. We also help clients respond to petitions or motions received by the other party, and often can reach an agreement. In cases where the other party is too unreasonable or will not fairly communicate or negotiate, we can proceed to court. Even then many cases are resolved with the recommendation of the court or negotiation of the attorneys. All in all, we can represent you, advise you and draft the order so that it is done right.

Should You Represent Yourself

Sometimes people try to represent themselves in court as a "pro se" litigant. Because they have not completed three years of law school, have not completed and passed the State Bar Examination and have not handled many cases in court, they rely on misinformation and make mistakes. Many times, they don't even understand the mistakes they have made until it is too late, or until the issue comes up in court months or years later. Unfortunately many of these pro se litigants had an agreement or were close to agreement, and their matter could have been handled quickly and correctly if they had just asked an attorney. Please make sure the first case you lose in court is not your own! You wouldn't operate on yourself (hopefully) because you aren't an experienced licensed doctor; you're probably not a very good attorney either. It's safer to at least ask an experienced attorney to help you.

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