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There are times when legislators and the courts acknowledge that even if an act of criminal wrongdoing has been committed, it is clearly preferable to rehabilitate the alleged offender rather than throw them in jail. Diversion programs provide meaningful opportunities for qualifying offenders, allowing them to avoid a criminal record by successfully completing certain requirements.

If you are eligible to take advantage of a Kane County diversion program, it is critically important to explore your options thoroughly before solidifying your criminal defense strategy. Some people mistakenly believe that diversion programs are not that different from post-conviction consequences, because in either case, they will required to follow mandates handed down by the state. However, diversion programs can protect a person's ability to pursue opportunities in the future without being held back by a criminal conviction. Utilizing a diversion program instead of pleading guilty or risking a conviction at trial can make all the difference in protecting a defendant's future.

What Does a Diversion Program Entail?

Generally speaking, diversion programs operate in ways that are similar to probation. People who participate in these programs will be held to specific standards, and a failure to adhere to all the terms of a diversion program can land a person back in court. These violations may result in lasting criminal consequences, including criminal convictions and penalties such as fines or jail time. However, the successful completion of a diversion program can help a person avoid a criminal record altogether.

Seeking Deferred Prosecution in Kane County

Kane County diversion programs focus on offering those who are prepared to take responsibility for their alleged misconduct a second chance. Generally, only low-level offenders who are facing potential criminal consequences for the first time are eligible for deferred prosecution in Kane County, but there are some exceptions to this rule. The five deferred prosecution programs offered in Kane County are available to people whose cases meet highly specific criteria in the following categories of offenses:

In many cases, defendants who can benefit most from diversion programs are those who have been charged with impaired driving (DUI) offenses, low-level drug offenses, and/or domestic battery. By pursuing alternative forms of treatment that promote successful management of substance abuse challenges, anger issues, or other issues affecting their mental health, defendants who are willing to work for a second chance can avoid the consequences associated with having a criminal record. They may also be able to take steps to clear their criminal records through expungement in the future.

Contact an Experienced St. Charles Criminal Defense Lawyer for Diversion Programs

At Goostree Law Group, we are honest and forthright with our clients when advising them about the criminal defense strategies that are likely to best serve their interests. We give our clients honest assessments of how strong their cases are and which options may be available to help them achieve a favorable outcome to a criminal case.

If we believe that taking advantage of a Kane County diversion program is your best bet, we will be sure to let you know. We will make sure you fully understand the requirements you will need to meet and the steps you can take to prevent complications and avoid violations that could lead to more serious penalties. We can also help seek expungements of criminal records after completing diversion programs and meeting the requirements put in place by the court.

We genuinely want what is best for you, and we will aggressively advocate on behalf of your interests, no matter what you decide to do. We will provide you with the legal support needed to resolve your criminal case effectively. To benefit from a free case evaluation, call our firm directly at 630-584-4800 or reach out to us online. We look forward to hearing from you.

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