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St. Charles, IL High Asset Divorce Lawyers

Aurora High Asset Divorce Law Firm

Attorneys for High Asset Divorce Matters in Kane County

If you have significant personal and business assets, protecting those interests in divorce will be an important factor in your final settlement or court judgment. Be certain that the law firm that represents you has the experience and professional resources to ensure that your rights are explained and safeguarded.

What our valued clients look for in a divorce attorney:

  • Exclusivity in practice;
  • Integrity in performance; and
  • Results-oriented divorce attorneys.

Goostree Law Group is recognized by business executives, practicing professionals, and other persons of wealth for our capacity to handle the complex financial issues relating to valuation and equitable distribution of marital property, and the protection of your non-marital assets.

Contact us to discuss your financial circumstances and our experience protecting our client’s financial interests in divorce cases involving contested property settlement litigation. Call 630-584-4800.

We have experience handling complex property litigation and settlement issues involving:

  • Valuation of business assets;
  • Protecting professional practices;
  • Protecting investments in divorce;
  • Complex property division;
  • Uncovering hidden assets;
  • QDROs, pension valuation;
  • House and real estate valuation;
  • Finance, tax and debt issues;
  • Settlements and litigation involving pre-nuptial agreements; and
  • High Income, child support obligations, and maintenance and alimony.

We focus on the financial details that are so important in high-asset cases. Our attorneys work well together as a team, and we also work with a network of independent financial professionals who enable us to maintain our reputation for well-prepared, clear presentation of facts.

We use our extensive experience to analyze your situation and tailor solutions to your specific needs. Our skills in untangling legal and financial intricacies help protect your rights, while we advocate assertively for your financial interests. As your case progresses, we perform an on-going cost/benefit analysis to keep you apprised of the costs of litigation. You will always be in a position to make informed decisions. We believe in managing and preserving your family's assets and bank account, rather than wasting your financial resources on excessive legal expenses.

Whenever necessary, we work with appraisers, forensic accountants, handwriting experts, investigators, and other specialized professionals who can help us advance your interests on property division issues with a great deal at stake. Contact us at 630-584-4800 to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney.

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