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Both state and federal laws protect the right of people in the United States to possess and carry weapons in certain situations. However, because the use of guns and other weapons is a potential public safety issue, the possession of certain weapons and the ways in which they can be used are heavily regulated. As a result of the complex nature of the law, it can be surprisingly easy for a person to be charged with the offense of unlawful use of a weapon (UUW). Simple misunderstandings about what a person can and cannot lawfully do when it comes to carrying and using weapons may lead to criminal charges, and a conviction can result in serious penalties.

Regardless of whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or felony for unlawfully using a weapon in Illinois, it is important to secure representation from a qualified attorney. Your lawyer can safeguard your interests and ensure that your rights are protected as your case evolves. They can help you build a defense strategy that will allow you to minimize the potential consequences related to your alleged misconduct. By seeking informed legal guidance right away, you can make sure you will be in the best possible position to achieve a favorable outcome to your case.

Examples of Prohibited Conduct

The Illinois statute that clarifies UUW offenses details when certain conduct may be classified as a misdemeanor and when it may be considered aggravated in nature and categorized as a felony. For example, the mere possession of a switchblade or throwing star is a misdemeanor offense. By contrast, committing armed robbery is classified as a Class X felony that risks a term of incarceration of between six and 30 years.

The range of UUW offenses – and their corresponding penalties – means that this area of the law is particularly nuanced. The particulars of an alleged offender's circumstances can dramatically affect the seriousness of the situation that they are facing once they have been charged with a UUW offense.

Do I Need an Attorney to Defend Against Weapons Charges?

Anyone who is facing serious felony charges needs to enlist the services of a skilled legal advocate as soon as possible. Some people who face misdemeanor weapons charges may believe that they can successfully navigate their cases on their own. However, legal representation is crucial for anyone facing criminal charges. The U.S. Supreme Court observed in the landmark criminal case Gideon v. Wainwright that "lawyers in criminal courts are necessities, not luxuries" with good reason. Criminal courts are not designed with self-represented defendants in mind, and anyone who attempts to handle their case on their own will be at a serious disadvantage.

To give yourself the best possible chance at avoiding criminal penalties and a criminal record, it is important to seek informed legal guidance right away. Your attorney can help you understand the specific UUW charges you are facing, the potential penalties of a conviction, and your options for resolving your case successfully. Without skilled representation focused on safeguarding your rights and interests, your ability to avoid penalties that may affect your future will be limited.

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