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Paternity is the legal relationship between a father and his child. Paternity cases involve children who are born out of wedlock. "Paternity" laws are contained in the Illinois Parentage Act, the Illinois Supreme Court Rules, and the Illinois Domestic Violence Act. There have been a number of Illinois Appellate and Illinois Supreme Court cases interpreting those statutes.

In paternity cases, child support, child custody, and parenting time are some of the main issues that will be addressed. Many cases are filed because the mother is making a claim for child support. Other cases may be filed because the father wants to establish his parental rights and seek custody or visitation. Paternity establishment is a prerequisite for obtaining a child support order. Illinois law provides several methods for establishing paternity, including through voluntary acknowledgment of paternity or DNA testing.

In many cases, people may confuse legal paternity with whether or not a father is named on the birth certificate. However, being listed on a birth certificate does not grant a father parental rights toward his child. Unless paternity is presumed because the parents were married or recently divorced at the time of their child's birth, the father will not have legal rights as a parent until paternity is established.

Questions Fathers May Ask

Am I already legally the father? What if I signed the birth certificate? What if I signed nothing? What if I think I am not the father; how can I get DNA testing? Is it too late to ask for a paternity test? If I went to court by myself, and an order of paternity was entered, what rights did I already give up? Can I get any of that changed? May I ask for joint custody? How do I get parenting time with my child? Can I prevent the other parent from moving to another state? At Goostree Law Group, we can answer these questions and help our clients determine their options for establishing paternity, denying paternity, and addressing child custody and child support issues.

Questions Mothers May Ask

How do I establish paternity for the father of my child? How can I get child support? Does child support include other things, like medical insurance, clothing, daycare, and food? Will may child's father have to pay for medical expenses related to our child's the birth? I have concerns with him visiting my child; what are my legal rights? His mother says she wants to take the child from me; what do I do? Can I get a restraining order or order of protection? Can child support be collected from his paycheck? He owes me payments for child support and other court-ordered payments; what do I do next? We can help mothers address these concerns and ensure they have the resources to meet their children's needs while protecting their family's safety and well-being

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