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Paulette Theodosis, CDC®

Client Liaison - Divorce Coach

Paulette Theodosis

As Client Liaison at Goostree Law Group, Paulette combines over six years of family law experience with the familiarity of her own divorce to provide the guidance and assistance clients undergoing a divorce need to feel confident in their legal counsel. Paulette understands that divorce is a life altering, petrifying change that requires individuals to focus on achieving their long-term goals. Paulette coaches clients in clarifying their thoughts, needs, and concerns in order to communicate more effectively. Over the past six years, Paulette has played an instrumental role in supporting the full cycle of a divorce, including finalizing the cases.

Paulette is a Certified Divorce Coach, recognized by the American Bar Association. She is a mother of two, and enjoys spending her free time with family or weight lifting.

To learn more about Paulette and the services she provides, contact our office at 630-584-4800.

Client Testimonials

No one ever thinks that they will get divorced. I certainly didn’t. However, sometimes life doesn’t work out as planned. When I was confronted with divorce, I had no idea where to turn. I started searching online for attorneys and making phone calls. Out of the many calls I made, I’ll never forget calling Goostree Law Group. Paulette answered and she was so kind, supportive and encouraging… but at that time I still didn’t think I was going to be getting divorced “for real”. Well, two years later I didn’t have a choice. I remembered Paulette, called back and sure enough she answered again with a caring voice, told me that I was going to be okay and better off in the long run. I decided to use Goostree Law Group to represent me and I’m so thankful I did! Thank you Paulette! -A Satisfied Client

Tricia Goostree is smart, dedicated, runs an efficient team of employees who make a difference. Paulette was a blessing to be able to speak with, she understands how you feel, having had a similar experience and she always has time to up lift you!! They will fight for you and bring your divorce to a much quicker end. After 3.5 years I'd spent quite a lot in attorneys fees, but I may still be legally married, had I not made the decision I wish I'd made in the beginning!!! Good luck, it will get better breath!!! -Lynn Strickland

Divorce is the definition of not fun and frightening. When you meet Paulette, she intuitively knows when to listen, when to talk, when to laugh, when just to pause. She knows that everything will be okay and when you talk to her or when she is listening, you know everything will be okay. She makes you realize you have power and that you need to take it back and use it. -Lynn E.

Dear Paulette, it has been wonderful working with you! I appreciate your warmth, patience and empathy. You always have a supportive stance and an uplifting message which heartens the strength to persevere and brightens my outlook. Thank you for all you have done to help me through these difficult times. -Lisa S.

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