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Getting pulled over and charged for driving under the influence is a serious situation. For many, this is their first brush with law enforcement, and they may not know where to turn for help. Some may decide to plead guilty and accept the consequences, but this is usually not a good idea. Even for first-time DUI offenders, penalties can include heavy fines, jail time, and a permanent criminal record. If you are facing DUI charges, you need strong legal counsel in your corner fighting hard to protect your rights and interests.

At Goostree Law Group, we provide experienced representation for motorists charged with drunk driving in Kane County, DuPage County, and the surrounding Illinois communities. Attorney Jeff Muntz handles DUI and other criminal defense cases. Jeff is a former DuPage County prosecutor, and he worked in the DuPage County State's Attorney's Office for over eight years. Jeff understands what is at stake when you are charged with driving under the influence, and he knows the most effective defense strategies to obtain a reduction or dismissal of charges in many cases.

We have helped many clients achieve positive case results when charged with DUI. In one case, our client was facing DUI charges involving an accident. We reached an agreement with the Prosecutor in which the Statutory Summary Suspension of the Defendant's driver's license was rescinded, and they were allowed to plead not guilty, resulting in a sentence of court supervision.

DUI Laws in Illinois

An individual can be convicted of drunk driving in Illinois if they are in actual physical control of a vehicle, are under the influence of alcohol, and/or they have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or higher. The BAC threshold is lower for certain groups. Commercial drivers can be convicted of DUI if they are operating a commercial vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .04 or higher. Drivers under the age of 21 can lose their driving privileges for having consumed any amount of alcohol prior to operating a motor vehicle.

Penalties for DUI vary depending on whether this is a first or subsequent offense and other circumstances in the case. A first-time DUI is a Class A misdemeanor, which carries a maximum fine of $2,500 and a maximum sentence of 364 days in county jail. First-time offenders can also have their driver's license suspended for up to one year. Without adequate representation, a person charged with DUI risks having their driver's license revoked as well. Other consequences may include community service, counseling, and installation of an ignition interlock device.

A second-time DUI is also usually charged as a Class A misdemeanor, but the driver's license revocation period can be extended for up to five years. A third-time DUI is usually charged as a Class 2 felony, with fines of up to $25,000, a possibility of three to seven years in state prison, and loss of your driving privileges for up to 10 years. A fourth and subsequent DUI incurs even heavier penalties depending on the number of offenses and other factors.

If there are aggravated circumstances with your DUI arrest, you may face enhanced penalties. Examples include:

  • Refusal to submit to the mandatory chemical (breath, blood, or urine) test after your arrest;
  • Driving under the influence with a minor inside the vehicle;
  • A DUI-related accident resulting in death or serious bodily injury;
  • Driving drunk with a suspended or revoked license.

Contact an Aurora DUI Lawyer

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, you are facing severe consequences if you are convicted on these charges. Being arrested is not the same as a conviction, however, and there may be potential weaknesses in the case against you that can lead to a more favorable resolution.

Attorney Jeff Muntz has successfully defended numerous people who have been charged with DUI. Jeff can thoroughly examine your case, explore your legal options, and develop the right defense strategy to minimize the negative consequences following your arrest. For a free consultation with Attorney Muntz, contact our office today at 630-584-4800. We serve clients throughout Kane County and DuPage County, including St. Charles, Wheaton, Batavia, Geneva, Elgin, and Aurora.

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