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Domestic violence is far too common in many households, and it often becomes a bigger issue when there are family law disputes involved. For example, when a one spouse wants out of a marriage,and the other does not want to get a divorce, a threatening and/or violent situation may develop or worsen. In these situations, a person who has experienced domestic violence or who is concerned about the safety of their children will want to understand their legal options, and they may need to take steps to prevent their spouse or parter from engaging in any further acts of violence or abuse as they address legal issues related to the end of their marriage or the custody of their children.

At the Kane County family law firm of Goostree Law Group, we have a lot of experience dealing with domestic violence. Our first priority is always to safeguard our clients physically. To that end, we help clients obtain orders of protection both on a temporary and more long-term basis. We also work to ensure that other family law concerns will be addressed correctly while protecting the rights of our clients and ensuring that they can remain safe from harm.

Protection From Domestic Violence in Kane County

Domestic violence includes any physically abusive, harassing, or threatening behavior involving members of a family, household, or domestic relationship. Our attorneys take domestic violence allegations very seriously, and we move quickly to obtain the legal protections you need. In Illinois, a temporary order of protection can be granted immediately when there is an imminent threat of violence. For an emergency order of protection, the accused does not need to be present in court when the request is filed or the order is issued. In order to extend the order beyond the initial 21 days, however, a hearing is required, and the accused will have a chance to offer a defense.

Orders of protection are an important step in fighting against domestic violence, because they typically restrict accused abusers from contacting their victims or being in close proximity to their victims. They may also cause the suspension of child custody and parenting time rights, and they may prevent an alleged abuser from returning to the family's home. Violating the terms of a protection order can have serious consequences, including criminal charges and jail time.

While many domestic violence allegations are valid, it is not uncommon for one party to allege domestic violence against a spouse or partner in order to get the upper hand in a contentious divorce or child custody dispute. Our attorneys are experienced in handling these situations. We fight to protect our clients, whether they are the victim of abuse or false allegations.

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If you and/or your children are in a violent situation at home, contact us right away at 630-584-4800 to schedule a free consultation. We will help you put the legal protections you need in place temporarily, and we will work with you to come up with a strategy that will provide you with more permanent protections. Our firm works with clients throughout Northern Illinois, including Kane County and the surrounding areas.

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