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At Goostree Law Group, we know that divorce can cause a wide variety of emotions. If the end of your marriage is imminent, you could be experiencing feelings of anger, betrayal, sadness, and disappointment. At the same time, however, you might feel hopeful that things will get better in the future for you and your children. Such complex emotions, when ombined with the practical concerns of the divorce, can make the process quite challenging. The good news is that you do not have to navigate the proceedings alone. Our lawyers are equipped to help you manage all aspects of your divorce, no matter what your circumstances may be.

Our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience in the practice of divorce and family law. With our diverse background and extensive knowledge of the law, we have the tools and resources to help you move forward into the next chapter of your life.

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If you have recently filed for divorce or received notice that your spouse has filed, you might be unsure about what to do next. When you choose Goostree Law Group to handle your divorce, we will assist you in taking control of the situation from the very beginning. Our lawyers will meet with you to discuss your situation in detail so that we can accurately assess your case. Then, we will go to work in devising a strategy designed to help you obtain a favorable outcome quickly and efficiently, but without compromising your rights.

Most divorce cases in Illinois are resolved through settlement agreements. Our attorneys are adept at utilizing dispute resolution methods such as mediation and direct negotiation to facilitate a settlement in an uncontested divorce whenever possible. We will work with you in addressing all of the relevant considerations of your divorce, including marital property and debt division, spousal maintenance, allocation of parental responsibilities, and child support. If a settlement cannot be reached, our lawyers are seasoned litigators who will fight on your behalf inside the courtroom as well.

High-Asset Divorce in Kane County

Couples who own substantial assets or who have a high net worth often encounter challenges during a divorce that might not arise for those with less wealth. For example, a high-asset couple is likely to look for ways to protect and preserve assets and limit tax obligations during a divorce. It is also common for wealthier couples to hold a range of interests in real estate, business, and other complex investments.

The attorneys at Goostree Law Group assist high-asset clients with:

We also realize that a couple's wealth will affect more than asset division. Orders for child support and spousal maintenance also take each party's assets and resources into consideration, and we can help ensure that your rights and best interests are fully protected.

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