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Divorce Coaching for Clients Throughout Kane County

Going through a divorce is among the most traumatic experiences a person can face. When a marriage you dedicated years of your life to fails, and you are burdened by the many concerns that naturally result, the mental and physical toll can be severe. Under this intense strain, you have to plan for your future and that of your family, including child custody, visitation, child support, spousal maintenance, marital asset division, and more.

While support from friends and family may help get you through the tough days, the assistance of an experienced divorce coach can prove invaluable as you navigate the divorce process. In addition to skilled divorce attorneys, at Goostree Law Group, we also offer divorce coaching that can provide that extra boost and beneficial information you need.

Client Liaison Paulette Theodosis is a Certified Divorce Coach® recognized by the American Bar Association. With an extensive family law background and a compassionate approach, Paulette utilizes the experience of her own divorce to inform and assist clients either considering divorce or involved in divorce proceedings. She helps address the various thoughts, worries, and needs that often prove overwhelming.

What Is Divorce Coaching?

A divorce coach provides support, motivation, and guidance for individuals getting a divorce through a flexible and goal-based process that focuses on their overall well-being. Coaches come from a variety of professional backgrounds, including attorneys, divorce mediators, mental health care professionals, and financial planners.

Divorce coaches are adept at encouraging clients to look past their current hardships and toward what can be a fruitful new beginning. Even people who endured an unstable or unhappy marriage for an extended period of time often have difficulty letting go and moving forward. A divorce coach can inspire and embolden you as you embark on this personal reboot.

In addition to emotional reassurance, divorce coaches can provide in-depth information and advice for the construction of a new budget that addresses your living expenses, college funds for your children, and retirement savings. They can assist as you consider how to implement your parenting plan, whether you should move into a new residence, and when it is okay to start dating again. By viewing them as a trusted confidant, you can discuss any issue or problem that comes to mind.

Hiring a Divorce Coach

Because divorce is a complex legal and emotional process, Goostree Law Group believes a sympathetic divorce coach can perfectly complement a highly skilled divorce lawyer. While we want to protect your rights and financial future through the legal divorce process, your long-term happiness is also a top priority. Together, your attorney and divorce coach can offer the necessary direction you need for your case and, your life, and your future.

Contact a Geneva Divorce Coach

With a skilled divorce attorney and divorce coach by your side, Goostree Law Group can provide the legal and emotional support you need to get through your divorce. To learn more about how we can help today, contact our Kane County family law firm at 630-584-4800.

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