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How Can I Find Out What My Self-Employed Spouse Really Earns in Illinois?

Protecting Your Rights During Divorce with a Kane County Lawyer

When a divorce case involves a spouse who is self-employed, it can be very difficult to determine that party’s true income for the purposes of the divorce proceedings. An experienced attorney can help you review business records, bank transactions, credit card, receipts, and your spouse’s lifestyle to ensure a proper accounting of his or her actual income.

Throughout Illinois and across the country, there are millions of individuals who have taken a leap of faith and gone to work for themselves. In many cases, however, a self-employed person may not draw clear distinctions between business and personal finances. While such a scenario may be challenging for tax purpose, it can also present serious difficulties during divorce.

Ensuring a Fair Divorce Settlement

At Goostree Law Group, we realize that an equitable divorce settlement requires each party to fully disclose all of their assets, resources, and debts. A spouse’s income is a crucial component in determining the division of marital property, spousal maintenance, and child support. When your spouse’s income is unclear because of his or her business interests and transactions, you may need help uncovering the truth.

Our experienced attorneys are prepared to conduct a full analysis of your spouse’s business and personal finances. We will help you determine the correct amount to be considered during your divorce, utilizing the assistance of forensic accountant if necessary. A vocational expert may also be needed to show that your spouse’s earning potential is substantially more than he or she is reporting. It is our goal to help you obtain full financial disclosure from your spouse so that you can get the equitable divorce settlement that you deserve.

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