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How Can I Get Restricted Visitation Against My Ex?

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There are ways to have the court declare restricted visitation or parenting time against your ex-spouse. If you are able to prove that there is serious danger to the well-being of your child, it is a high possibility. At Goostree Law Group, we can further inform you of your legal options regarding this aspect of a parenting plan.

The concept of there being “serious danger to the health of your child” can be very broad and not specific to all situations. Many clients believe that danger is defined as there being any physical danger or abuse to your child or children. This definition also encompasses any risk of emotional or mental abuse being inflicted on the children. Coming to the conclusion of parenting time being restricted can be very severe.

The courts prefer when both parents are able to be given their parenting time with their children. They want it to be fair for both parents to foster a relationship between the children and both of the spouses. However, the legal system requires that the safety of a child will be a top priority. If your children are being abused in any way by your ex-spouse or new significant other, the courts will take the steps outlined within the parameters of the law to keep them safe.

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