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Will There Be an Illinois Custody Evaluator Appointed and What Will They Do?

Divorcing With Children in Kane County

Family courts in Illinois have the authority to appoint an independent custody evaluator in cases concerning the allocation of parental responsibilities, parenting time, or other child-related matters. An evaluator may be utilized when there are questions regarding the mental health of either parent or the child, or to investigate allegations of abuse or parental alienation.

When a marriage comes to an end or unmarried parents split up, subsequent legal proceedings regarding parenting arrangements can be very difficult and emotional. In some cases, a parent may be facing accusations of abuse or questions regarding mental, emotional, or psychological stability. To address such concerns, the court may appoint an independent evaluator to investigate your situation and to help ensure that your child’s best interests are fully protected.

Working With an Evaluator

The most important thing you can do when a custody evaluator has been appointed to your case is remain calm and cooperative with the evaluation process. He or she will be expected to interview you, the other parent, and your child, along with any witnesses who may offer insight into your family’s circumstances. All involved parties may also be required to participate in standardized psychological testing to determine the healthiest outcome for your child.

Parents who are combative or refuse to participate in the process are likely to find that such attitudes are not conducive to remaining a positive part of their children’s lives. At Goostree Law Group, we are dedicated to helping you prepare for your evaluation and to protect your parental rights no matter how challenging the situation may appear.

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