Answering Common Doubts When Deciding to Divorce

Answering Common Doubts When Deciding to DivorceThere are situations where the decision to divorce is fairly obvious and the best choice for your own health and safety. Divorce is necessary if you have an abusive spouse that is a danger to yourself and your children. It is also understandable if your spouse has betrayed you in a way that you do not feel you can forgive, such as infidelity. However, there are many instances when the two spouses are unsure whether divorce is the right decision. Once spouses start the process of divorce, it is very rare that they change their minds and continue their marriage. It is normal to have doubts when considering divorce, but you must identify whether they are enough of a reason to stay in your marriage. Here are three reasons spouses hesitate to divorce and possible arguments against those doubts:

  1. The Divorce Will Hurt My Children: It is undeniable that your divorce will affect your children and likely in a negative way. There will be tears, anger and general confusion about why you decided to divorce. However, you must consider what damage your unhealthy marriage is doing to your children. Are you openly fighting with your spouse? Are you often agitated because you are unhappy in your marriage? What example is your marriage setting for your children? You may become a better parent by eliminating the negativity of your marriage.
  2. What If I Never Find a New Significant Other?: For some people, the idea of being alone is more frightening than being in a bad marriage. There is no guarantee that you will find another long-term relationship after your divorce. That is a variable that you cannot control. You do know that you are unhappy in your marriage, and you can control this by ending your marriage. You have a greater chance at happiness by being single again than by staying in a situation you know is making you miserable.
  3. The Divorce Will Be Too Expensive: There is a significant cost to getting a divorce, between legal fees and dividing your marital properties. During divorce negotiations, you are looking for a settlement that will give you the financial stability to live on your own. The longer your marriage goes on, the more costly an eventual divorce may become. You will compile more properties that must be divided. Delaying your divorce until your marriage is untenable may mean allowing your relationship to degrade to the point that you have a high-conflict divorce, which is usually more expensive.

An Important Decision

Sometimes, trying to fix your marriage is a better decision than hastily getting a divorce. However, you should not dismiss divorce as a legitimate option. A Kane County divorce attorney at Goostree Law Group can discuss the possible benefits of getting a divorce. To schedule a free consultation, call 630-584-4800.


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