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Valuing Unusual Properties During a DivorceDetermining the value of antiques and collectibles during a divorce can be trickier than with other marital properties. You cannot afford to overlook them as they may be some of the most valuable properties of your marriage. It will be too late to receive compensation if you learn that a marital property you gave away with little consideration is worth thousands of dollars. Your former spouse may have known of the item’s true value, taking advantage of your ignorance to receive an unequal share of your marital properties. That is why it is important to use a professional appraiser to give you an accurate value of your marital properties.

Identifying Properties

Marital property in a divorce includes any items that were purchased during your marriage or were maintained with marital money. Your spouse may have been the one to purchase and use the items, but your shared financial resources give you a right to ownership or equal compensation. There are a variety of antiques and collectibles you may possess, including:

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Challenges for Business Executives During DivorceMost successful business executives are highly driven professionals who are dedicated to their work. Those qualities do not always transfer to their marriages. Their focus on their jobs can cause them to pay less attention to their home lives. Their spouses may seek divorce if they do not feel there is enough intimacy and communication in the marriage. If the business executive was not paying much attention to the marriage, he or she needs to focus more on the divorce. High asset divorce involves many complex properties that must be divided between the spouses. The business executive spouse may be familiar with negotiating deals involving valuable assets, but he or she cannot take the same approach during a divorce.

Complex Marital Properties

Most marriages involve valuable assets that must be divided, such as real estate and financial accounts. For business executives, these high-value assets can be more diverse and complicated, such as:

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high-asset-divorceWhen a divorcing couple has a high net worth, their divorce may be considered to be a high asset divorce. Couples going through high asset divorces can sometimes face issues that other couples do not face because of their wealth. For example, a couple who owns multiple pieces of real estate has much more to consider than a couple that rents a house or apartment. Other issues, like dividing stock portfolios and savings accounts, can also be more difficult to divide at higher values.

If you are part of a high net worth couple, work with an attorney who has experience handling high asset divorces. Because high asset divorces can involve certain unique considerations, it is important to work with an attorney who understands these considerations and can work with you to address them properly.

Handling Your Business Division

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