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prenuptial agreements in illinois, kendall county family lawyerThere has long been a stigma surrounding prenuptial agreements. Chances are, you have at some point interacted with someone who decided to pursue a prenup as a part of their marriage plan, or who at least considered one prior to their decision to tie the knot. Whatever your perception of the concept, the reality is that prenuptial agreements - as controversial as they may be - can be useful, efficient tools for couples. This is particularly true for those who have a lot at stake individually, in terms of assets and cherished belongings.

The Purpose Behind the Agreement

Prenuptial agreements are about much more than simply determining who gets what should the marriage ever come to an end. They are about ensuring each party is financially sound and able to care for themselves in the event the marriage ends, once income and money management circumstances have changed. They also serve to establish a foundation of honest, open communication between a couple early on in the union.

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Kane County family law attorneyWhen a disabled worker becomes eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) coverage, he or she also becomes eligible to receive benefits to cover the cost of caring for his or her dependents. These dependents can include his or her spouse as well as his or her children, both minor and adult. The qualifications to receive SSDI coverage for an adult child are different from those to receive SSDI coverage for a minor child. If you are an SSDI recipient or a current or former spouse of an SSDI recipient with a dependent adult child, you may be able to receive benefits to cover his or her needs. If you are a divorced parent of such an adult child, work with an experienced family lawyer to ensure that your child receives the coverage he or she needs.

What Qualifies an Adult Child for SSDI Coverage Through a Parent?

If your child is 18 or 19 years old, not married, and a full-time student, he or she can receive SSDI benefits under the same qualifications that a minor child can receive them.

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Kane County family law attorneyThe Social Security Administration provides disability benefits for individuals who qualify to receive them. This coverage is known as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Parents who receive SSDI can also receive coverage for their children to help cover the costs of raising a child while being too disabled to earn a sufficient income. Like all other forms of income, one's SSDI benefits can be affected by his or her divorce. This can, in turn, affect your child's SSDI coverage. If you are an SSDI recipient with a minor child who receives SSDI coverage and you are considering filing for divorce, discuss this with your divorce lawyer.

How Divorce Affects SSDI Benefits for Minor Children

Any biological child, adopted child, or stepchild under the age of 18 or up to age 19 if he or she is a full-time student can receive coverage of up to 50 percent of his or her parent's SSDI benefits amount as long as the child is not married. This type of coverage is known as auxiliary benefits. In certain cases, the grandchild of an SSDI recipient can also receive auxiliary SSDI benefits.

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contempt-of-courtContempt of court refers to any instance where a court order is not obeyed. When the court makes a ruling, it is legally binding. Even if you do not agree with a court ruling, you are required to abide by it unless and until you can have it modified or overturned. When a ruling has to do with a family or divorce issue, this is something that you need to work with an experienced family attorney to reverse.

Do not, under any circumstance, deliberately disobey a court order. This can result in civil or even criminal penalties for you. When a court order is made regarding your children, such as an order for child support or a child custody schedule, acting in contempt of court can have a negative impact on your future interactions with the court. This means that if you do choose to seek a child support or custody modification later, having an instance of contempt of court on your record can actively work against you and prevent you from having your request fulfilled.

Examples of Contempt of Court

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Illinios divorce attorney, Illinois family law attorney, divorce laws, Illinois child support lawyer,Going to college after completing high school is more than just a popular choice for many young adults in the United States: it has become an expectation. As a parent, you naturally want to help your child in any way possible. But wanting to help your child is not the same as being legally required to help him or her. As your son or daughter reaches adulthood, you might be wondering whether you are required to pay for his or her college education as part of your child support obligation.

There is no clear legal answer to this. In Illinois, there is no law that specifically states that a parent must pay for college expenses as part of his or her child support agreement. However, the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act includes language that gives a judge the right to order that an individual parent contribute to his or her child's college costs. This section of the law also gives judges the power to determine how much a parent must pay. This is known as non-minor support.

If you have been ordered to make non-minor support payments for your adult child or your child will become an adult in the near future and you want to understand how non-minor support works, contact an experienced child support attorney to discuss your concerns and get a professional opinion about how the law may be applied to your individual situation.

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