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St. Charles IL family law attorneyUntil fairly recently, couples in Illinois who were unable to conceive on their own had few options when it came to growing their family. Thankfully, modern medicine provides couples who have fertility challenges with many wonderful options for bringing a child into their loving home.

A couple or individual exploring the possibilities may have some questions about which option is right for them. Those who long for a child must navigate the emotional complexities of their situation, and at the same time make careful legal decisions that will set up their family for success. Having an experienced lawyer on your side can help you understand the legal aspects of each of these options, allowing you to make a decision with confidence and security.

This post discusses a few of the most common options for couples struggling with infertility and examines the advantages of each.

Kane County family law attorneyIf you are involved in a family law dispute—a divorce, a child custody case, a disagreement over child support, etc.—you may need to go to court to obtain a fair and just resolution. When in family court, it is essential that you are able to present a strong, well-supported case. In some circumstances, expert witness testimony may be needed. Here, our attorneys explain the important things you should know about using expert witnesses in a family law case in Illinois.

Expert Witnesses Provide Context and Clarity For Complex Matters

Witness testimony is an important form of evidence in many kinds of legal cases. In family law disputes, there are three main types of witnesses. Fact witnesses testify to a specific event they saw or a specific matter about which they have personal knowledge. Character witnesses testify to the overall disposition of the parties involved in the case. Expert witnesses are educated specialists who help bring context and clarity to a complicated matter. In family cases, an expert witness may be called to testify regarding:

  • Financial issues: Financial disputes can be extremely complicated. A financial expert witness, such as a forensic accountant, may be brought in to help the court understand financial documents or records, perhaps related to claims of hidden assets or asset dissipation. Expert witnesses can also testify regarding the value of certain properties.

Kane County family law lawyerAt Goostree Law Group, we know that our clients and other visitors to our website use our blog as a helpful source of information and answers about divorce and family law in Illinois. In our blog posts, we try to answer common questions and address issues that can arise in the divorce process, as well as in other types of family law cases, such as parental responsibilitiesparental rights, and adoption. Today, we will look back at the ten blogs that were the most popular among our readers throughout 2020:

  1. Can I Sign Away My Parental Rights to an Unborn Child? – We talk about the options that a man has when his partner is pregnant but he does not wish or is not ready to be a father.

  2. Grounds for Terminating Parental Rights in Illinois – We discuss the various conditions under which an Illinois court might terminate a parent’s rights regarding his or her children.

Do Grandparents Have Rights to Visitation with Their Grandchildren in Illinois?For some families, the relationship and connection between family members means everything, especially the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren. In some situations, the dynamics of a family can deteriorate to the point where the child is no longer allowed to maintain that relationship with his or her grandparent. In Illinois, parents are considered to have inherent rights to spending time with their children. Grandparents are not afforded the same rights, but Illinois laws do give grandparents the ability to ask the court for visitation time in certain situations. 

Can I Ask for Visitation with My Grandchild?

Illinois law presumes that parents will make decisions based on what is in their child’s best interests. If a parent is denying a grandparent visitation time, Illinois courts will assume that there is a reason for it. It is up to you as the grandparent to prove that the denial is actually harming the child in some way. You may be able to obtain visitation rights if one of these criteria apply:

  • The child’s other parent is dead or has been missing for 90 days or more.
  • One parent has been deemed incompetent or unfit.
  • One parent has been in jail or prison for 90 days or more.
  • The child’s parents are divorced, and one parent has no objections to your visitation.
  • The child’s parents were never married, they are not living together, and one of the parents is your child.

Factors Used in Making Determinations

Once you file your petition for visitation, the courts will examine your situation to determine whether your petition should be granted. Though the court will start with the presumption that the parent’s actions and decisions regarding your visitation time are not harmful to the child’s overall well-being, the judge must examine a variety of factors. These factors include:

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Kane County COVID-19 Family Law Attorney

Q: What will happen to the court dates I have scheduled?

A: Kane, DuPage, Kendall and DeKalb Counties have all suspended non-emergency court dates through April 17, 2020. In Kane County, the judges are offering teleconferencing for previously scheduled pre-trial conferences and our office is working with our opposing counsels to move forward with those scheduled matters. The Circuit Clerk's Offices will be sending new dates for previously scheduled Case Management Conferences and status hearings. If your case was set for an extended hearing or trial, it is likely that those new dates will be scheduled after the courthouses resume regular operations. Should any circumstances change, we will be in touch with all of our clients to update you.


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