Avoiding an Emotional Collapse During Your Divorce

 Posted on June 20, 2019 in Divorce

Avoiding an Emotional Collapse During Your DivorceThere are times when going through your divorce may test the limits of your patience, energy, and sanity. No one experiences divorce within a bubble. You are balancing your divorce with your personal and professional lives and trying not to let any of them collapse. If you fear that your divorce may overwhelm you, you should consider hiring a divorce coach to help you through the personal side of your divorce. Through your coaching sessions, you will learn several important facts that may help you cope:

  1. You Need to Share Your Feelings: Suppressing your emotions builds up stress and may cause a breakdown. You need an outlet to talk about what is making you worried or upset. The trick is finding the right person to talk to. You want someone who is sympathetic yet emotionally detached from your divorce. A divorce coach or therapist is the ideal choice. If you want to talk to a family member or friend, make sure it is someone who has a calm and compassionate temperament. Your children should never be your outlet.
  2. It Is Okay to Ask for Help: In fact, it is smart to seek help before the stress from your divorce becomes a problem. For instance, you should tell your boss that you are going through a divorce, which will at times require your attention. With this knowledge, your boss may be able to help you with your workload or understand if you need to take time off. If you do not tell your boss, he or she cannot help you and may assume the worst if your work performance suffers.
  3. You Should Allow Yourself to Grieve: You may experience conflicting emotions about your divorce. You are glad to be leaving a bad marriage, yet you are also sad about it. It is natural to regret and grieve the end of your marriage while also understanding that it is necessary. Allowing yourself to experience the natural grieving process will eventually lead to acceptance.
  4. You Must Accept What You Can Control: With a process as consequential as divorce, you may worry about whether your spouse or a court will prevent you from getting what you need to support yourself. It does you no good to worry about things that are out of your control. You can control only your own approach to the divorce negotiation and your own decisions. Trust that your lawyer will advocate for your best interest and help you reach a beneficial agreement.

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