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Be Careful with Online Dating After Gray Divorce

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Be Careful with Online Dating After Gray DivorcePeople who divorce after age 50 may feel an urgency to start dating again and find a new romantic partner. You do not like the sudden loneliness you feel after decades of being married. There is also a heightened sense of your biological clock ticking and wanting to start a relationship while you can still enjoy it. You will learn that the dating process has changed since the time you met your former spouse. Online dating websites have in many ways taken the place of singles bars and other such venues. The prospect of meeting your match from the comfort of your computer can be both exciting and scary. Gray divorcees must be careful when using online dating services. Bad experiences can drain your post-divorce assets and damage your vulnerable psyche.

What is Online Dating?

Online dating sites are essentially social media sites for the purpose of starting relationships or friendships. As a member, you will create a profile that includes:

  • Your first name or a creative username;
  • Pictures of yourself;
  • Your age and city of residence;
  • Basic details about yourself; and
  • An area for you to write more about your interests and what you are looking for.

Many sites use algorithms to calculate which users are the best “match” for you. The match is usually determined by basic data you give about yourself and your answers to questions that the site asks. Users start their interaction by messaging each other. After a couple of exchanges, people can decide whether they want to continue their conversations by talking on the phone or meeting in person.


You may be excited to find someone who seems like a great match, but you must be cautious. People can lie about their age, appearance and marital status. There are online predators who want to take advantage of overly eager users. You should be skeptical if a user:

  • Immediately asks for your personal contact information;
  • Provides a phone number or email in his or her profile;
  • Does not have photos that show his or her face;
  • Has sexually provocative photos; or
  • Asks for money.

Emotional Health

When interacting with other normal users, you must be prepared for more rejections than conversations. It is common for people to not respond to messages you send or stop corresponding with you without an explanation. For women, you may receive aggressive messages that make you uncomfortable. Many people feel vulnerable and insecure after their divorces. It is easy for you to take rejections personally, which may cause further doubts and depression.

Dating After Gray Divorce

You need time to recover from your divorce, particularly if you had a long marriage. It is often wiser to concentrate on your own financial and emotional needs before starting to date again. A Kane County divorce attorney at Goostree Law Group can help you negotiate a divorce agreement that gives you stability. Schedule a free consultation by calling 630-584-4800.


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