Can Divorce Make You a Better Parent?

 Posted on July 25, 2019 in Child Custody

Can Divorce Make You a Better Parent?It is hard to see much bright side to your divorce when it comes to your children. They are justifiably upset about the breakup of your marriage and how that will change their lives. It is difficult to adjust to a shared parenting agreement that requires them to travel between two homes. On an emotional level, they have experienced the dissolution of your marriage first hand and may question the permanence of any relationship, including their relationship with you. If there is a positive for the children, it is that they no longer live in a home environment rife with conflict and tension. There is also a chance that you may become a better parent to them as a result of your divorce.


Your marriage may have distracted you from your parenting in ways that you did not realize. It is difficult to concentrate on your children when you are worried about your relationship with your spouse and what that may mean for your future. Being a single parent is more work, but you could be a more attentive parent as a result because:

  • Your spouse is no longer competing with your children for your attention;
  • You are responsible for all of the parental responsibilities when the children are with you; and
  • Parenting time is more cherished when it is limited.

Your responsibilities as a single adult may demand your attention at times. You will learn how to manage your time so that you are available to your children when it is their time to be with you.


Successful co-parenting requires you to work with your former spouse in raising your children. It may be difficult to imagine cooperating with your former spouse after the way that your marriage ended. However, a co-parenting relationship is different from a marriage because you should be focused on the best interest of your children and not each other. When you remove your wants from the parenting conversation, you may find that you and your co-parent can agree on many issues related to your children. When you disagree, you should have a conversation about what is best for the children instead of an argument. Co-parenting can help you understand the difference between what your children need and what you want.

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