Can My Ex Make Me Change My Holiday Plans with Our Kids?

 Posted on December 19, 2023 in Divorce

St Charles Divorce LawyerThe holidays are a time when families get together and forge cherished memories that can last a lifetime. But when the family’s parents have decided to get a divorce, things can become more complicated. If you are a divorced parent whose ex-spouse wants to make you change your holiday plans with your children, a knowledgeable Kane County, IL divorce lawyer can help you navigate this sensitive situation.

Why Might Holiday Plans Be a Source of Contention?

In some families with divorced parents, the parents might have different religious affiliations. This can make holidays difficult due to the parents’ differing assumptions about how a holiday should be spent. In some families, divorced parents might live very different lifestyles. If the parent with much more financial stability gets to have the kids for a holiday, the parents who live a more modest lifestyle might worry that the children will be given gifts and experiences that they would not be able to provide them with. In some families, one of the divorced parents might start dating someone and want to introduce that person to their children. This could make the other parent uncomfortable, knowing the children will be exposed to another adult whom they do not know themselves. This person could make an impression on the children or introduce them to religious practices that they do not want their children to adopt.

Some of the most common holiday-related arguments between divorced parents around the holidays include:

  • Presents: As previously mentioned, sometimes the ex-spouses live different lifestyles. A parent living more modestly might feel threatened by the extravagant gifts the other parent can give their children.
  • Travel plans: A parent with a modest lifestyle might be uncomfortable with the other parent taking their children on exotic getaways that include luxury accommodation and entertainment. They might also dislike the idea of their children being brought somewhere that they could not reach quickly and easily if there was an emergency.
  • New significant others: In most aspects of life, parents can control which adults are in contact with their children. For divorced parents, this can be more difficult. If one parent starts dating someone, the other parent is not able to “vet” them and give them their approval; it is none of their business who their ex decides to date. However, it certainly can be their business which adults their children interact with. Divorced parents in new, serious relationships can cause a lot of heated arguments.

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If you are a divorced parent and your ex wants to change what you have planned for you and your children over the holidays, an experienced Kane County, IL, divorce lawyer can help you navigate this sensitive issue and advocate for your rights. Please call Goostree Law Group at 630-584-4800 to schedule your free consultation.

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