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Can Sexual Dysfunction Lead to Divorce?

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Can Sexual Dysfunction Lead to Divorce?There are several factors that comprise a healthy marriage, one of which may be sexual intimacy. How important sex is to marriage depends on the couple and the stage they are at in their lives. For couples that place high importance on their sexual activity, sexual dysfunction can strain a relationship and, in some cases, contribute towards the decision to get divorced. Examples of sexual dysfunction include:

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Impotency
  • Sudden loss of sex drive
  • Medical conditions that make physical contact uncomfortable
  • An emotional trauma that causes a fear of intimacy

While you have every right to divorce because of an unsatisfying sexual relationship, you should understand all of the consequences of divorce before you make this important decision.

How Does Sexual Dysfunction Factor into Marital Law?

It is unnecessary to cite sexual dysfunction when filing for divorce because the only reason that Illinois accepts for getting a divorce is irreconcilable differences, which you do not have to explain. If you are looking to annul your marriage instead of divorce, one of the reasons you can cite is that your spouse cannot have sexual intercourse. However, you need to prove that your spouse knew about this sexual dysfunction and withheld that information from you before you married.

Consequences of Divorce

Your spouse’s sexual dysfunction may make you unhappy, but is it worth getting a divorce? Divorce can be expensive and will leave you with fewer financial assets than you had when you were married. If you have children, it will likely be an upsetting experience for them because it is a major adjustment to their daily lives. Couples who are struggling with sexual dysfunction may consider these questions before deciding on divorce:

  • Have we tried consulting a doctor or therapist about the issue?
  • Are there other ways we can be intimate that don’t involve physical sex?
  • How happy or satisfied are we in other areas of our marriage?
  • What would it take to be happy outside of our marriage?
  • How would divorce affect our personal budgets and responsibilities?

Contact a St. Charles, Illinois, Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is your decision to make, whether it is because of sexual dysfunction, financial struggles, or that you simply do not love your spouse. You are not required to publicly explain your decision. At Goostree Law Group, our Kane County divorce attorneys can help you make an informed decision on whether to divorce. If you decide to divorce, we will lead you through the legal process and towards a healthy resolution. To schedule a free consultation, call 630-584-4800.


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