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Kane County family law attorneys, cohabitation, cohabitation agreement, coupling, living togetherFormerly, the only accepted family arrangement in Illinois was a married couple with children (of course, the marriage had to come before the kids). Society considered two-parent households – one mother and one father – the ideal that everyone should aspire to reach. Today, while "traditional" family arrangements are still sought after, both society and the law have become more accepting of "nontraditional" arrangements.

One example of a "nontraditional" arrangement is cohabitation. Although Illinois courts do not recognize a common law marriage (living together for a number of years while acting like a married couple), they will enforce a cohabitation agreement. Essentially, to cohabit with another person is to live together without getting married. As with any coupling, cohabitation is a personal decision and will not work for everyone. When pursuing this course it is wise to consider a cohabitation agreement.

Cohabitation Agreement

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