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divorce-studiesAlthough the often-quoted statistic for the current divorce rate in the United States is “50 percent of marriages end in divorce,” the truth is actually much more complicated than this. The divorce rate is considerably higher for individuals in their second or subsequent marriages than those in their first marriages. Other factors, like each partner's education level, the age at which the couple married, and the number of children the couple has and their sexes can play a role in whether a married couple will divorce.

Divorces can be complicated. If you are considering ending your marriage, contact an experienced divorce attorney to learn more about your responsibilities as a divorcing spouse.

The More Educated an Individual, the Less Likely He or She Is to Divorce

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Illinois divorce attorney, Illinois family lawyer, marriage laws,For millions of people around the world, coming to the United States and becoming a citizen here is a dream. Although the process for becoming an American citizen is basically the same for all entrants to this country, being married to a U.S. citizen means that an individual must take certain steps to obtain his or her green card and begin the naturalization process. The naturalization process is the process through which one becomes a U.S. citizen and involves certain paperwork, passing a written civics exam, and proof of the applicant’s marital relationship with a current citizen. This process cannot begin without a green card.

Obtaining a Green Card

A green card is the proof that an individual holds that shows that he or she is a permanent resident of the United States, rather than a visitor.

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