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Social Media may be Useful During Divorce

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As social media has become a larger and larger part of our everyday lives, most people have come to agree that it can have a very detrimental effect on marriages and divorces. Social media provides outlets for infidelity, as well as evidence for lawyers to use in divorce cases. However, some people are starting to discover that there may be a benefit in using various social media sites while going through a divorce. LaraOne of the major ways social media can aid you during a divorce is providing an easy route to finding resources. These resources can vary from information on what to look for in a good divorce attorney to how to talk to your children about divorce. When searching for a solid divorce attorney, you can use social media sites to conduct searches and verify personal reputations. It is very easy to find out what others have to say about their experiences with the attorney in the past via social media. Another important way social media can be helpful during divorce is that it allows parents who, for whatever reason, have lost touch with their children to keep in contact and stay updated. In some cases, couples decide to move far away from their ex-spouse after getting divorced. If the two have children, it can be very hard for the parent who moved to keep up to date on the happenings in their child’s life. Kyung (Kathryn) Dickerson, family law attorney in Virginia, stated that “If there is physical distance between the parties and the children, (especially with) a military parent on deployment, a Foreign Service parent assigned abroad or a corporate parent who is assigned to an office in a different country or part of the country for a period of time, a family site or friending a child’s site is a great way for the parent to stay actively involved in the child’s life.” Social media, when used correctly, can sometimes be a very useful tool during divorce instead of the monster some people believe it to be. If you are going through a divorce and have any questions, be sure to contact a dedicated Illinois divorce attorney to assist you.

Experts say Keep a Cool Head during Divorce

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TheresaWhen a couple is going through a divorce, emotions have the tendency to run high. Some of the actions that are carried out from that point may border on being irrational. According to Boca News Now, experts state that there are a few things that you need to remember before making a bad decision that could adversely affect the outcome of your divorce. One of the first instincts that you may have when you are getting divorced is to look for some dirt. You may be compelled to find out if your suspicions of infidelity are true or to find some other incriminating information to use against them in the divorce. The only thing that you are incriminating in this process is yourself. It is a clear invasion of privacy and hacking into someone else’s privatized accounts such as email or social networking sites, is illegal. Do not make a fool of yourself on social networks. When it comes to your divorce and other related personal business and information, less is more. Do not post things because you are angry on your timeline. Do not call the soon to be ex names or talk about the reason for a divorce or what you are planning to do. The point is, do not post anything that you will regret at a later point in time. Do not overestimate your power. Remember that the person that is on the other side of the divorce was once one of the closest people to you. Do not underestimate what they may do or what they may try to use against you because they are angry. Be honest throughout the divorce process because what you conveniently forget to divulge, they are sure to bring up. Going through a divorce is difficult. However, with an experienced Illinois divorce attorney, you don’t have to handle it alone.
US Politics Today has revealed what many of us have known all along about one potential destination for social media: the constant status updates and sharing of information has hit the court house. Social media websites have proven invaluable when seeking information some individuals want to keep secret from ex-spouses and legal representation of exes. Family law cases have shown an increase in the number of instances where social media postings and behavior is called into question in the court arena. People are not always prudent in the things that they say, post and share on social media outlets. The usage of the info gathered from social media sites has been especially useful in family law. Among the cases aided by this wealth of information are:
  • A child support dodger from another state was located in a different state where his income was proven to be more than sufficient to pay his back child support
  • A seeker of unfair alimony payments showed herself to be untruthful about her disability claims that would have entitled her to lifetime alimony payments
  • An unfit mother lost custody of her kids after her online activity proved that she did not care for the children properly, getting them to school late while she was playing games online
Knowing how to best use social media information in your case can be helpful. It can also serve as the determining factor between you getting what you want or need out of a court case and you not being successful in a legal bid. Contact the experienced Kane County family law attorneys at Goostree Law Group today, if you need technologically savvy family law specialists on your side. Serving in the Illinois areas of Kane, DuPage, Kendall and DeKalb Counties, they can get you what you need.
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