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Civil Union in Illinois

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LucyOn June 1, 2011, couples were officially allowed to enter into civil partnerships, which are between two people of the same gender. Because civil unions are still a fairly new idea in the United States, many people have questions about them. Here are some answers to those questions from Equality Illinois (EQIL), which is an organization trying to get more equality to these same sex couples: How does a couple enter and exit a civil union?  Civil unions are pretty much the same as marriages. The couple must get a license from the city clerk, exchange vows in front of witnesses and register the union. All marriage, divorce and annulment laws apply equally to marriage and civil unions. What benefits are a couple entitled to from the state when they enter into a civil union? About 650 state rights are granted to same sex couples when they enter into civil unions, including: hospital visitation rights, inheritance rights, the right to make funeral arrangements, emergency medical decision-making power, equal estate tax treatment, state spousal benefits, the right to share a nursing or hospital room, equal state and local tax treatment, and protection of domestic relations under other laws. Essentially, in 2011, Illinois made civil unions legally equal to marriage. Does the Illinois Religious Freedom and Civil Union Act affect children of same sex couples the same as children of heterosexual couples?  This act would protect all children equally, regardless of the gender of their parents, but it has not yet been passed. Currently in Illinois, homosexual parents cannot both claim their children legally. How would Illinois civil unions relate to laws in other states and federal laws? Civil unions from other states would be accepted in Illinois, however, if performed in Illinois, they may not be accepted elsewhere. Federal marriage laws, however, would not be affected. Although many people are fighting to be able to enter into a civil union and have equal rights to married people, some people are already in civil unions and are not happy. Just like a marriage divorce, some civil partnerships end and people need to leave the relationship legally. If you are part of a civil union and would like to exit it, contact a family law attorney for assistance. Goostree Law Group can help you with your civil union in Kane County today.
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