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Considering Adoption

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 Adoptions are time consuming for those seeking to bring a new child into their lives. Often there are significant expenses associated with the adoption process. Beyond that, there are the normal expenses that are associated with every child. In some instances, those who adopt a child with special needs will face additional expenses. Most often, however, the monetary implications involved with having a child are furthest from the minds of the adopting parents. If you are considering adding to your family or starting a family, experienced adoption attorneys can guide you through the process and assist you.


In Illinois, 750 ILCS 50, or the “Adoption Act,” establishes the rules concerning adoptions. Adoptions can occur from several sources. Parents of the child may voluntarily give up the child or a court may terminate their parental rights. Children may be abandoned or pursuant to safe haven laws, or the child may be relinquished if a physician reasonably believes that the child is 30 days old or less. In Illinois, the Abandoned Newborn Infant Protection Act dictates the rules for relinquishment. A soon to be mother may decide that she is unable to care for her child and she may want to find adoptive parents who can care for the child instead.

Regardless of the method through which the adoption comes about, there are significant legal ramifications and procedures that must be addressed. Adoption is an important undertaking and it will establish that you are the legal parent of the child and, as such, all the legal rights and responsibilities associated with parenthood will fall upon you. Once adopted, all the care and supervision, health and medical care, treatments, and everyday life events are your responsibility.

Adoption is a decision not to be taken lightly. There are numerous legal difficulties in pursuing an adoption. In order to ensure that you have addressed all of the rules and requirements, it is essential that you seek legal help for the sake of all involved.

Legal Help

If you or someone you know is considering adoption, whether you are a stepparent or you are adopting a newborn, child, or adolescent, contact an experienced Kane County adoption attorney knowledgeable in the adoption process. The Professionals at Goostree Law Group, can provide the assistance you need. Call today 630-584-4800 for a free and confidential conversation with an attorney.
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