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Issues You Might Have to Confront in Couples Counseling

Posted on in Marriage

Illinois family law attorney, Illinois divorce attorneyWhen you are having problems in your marriage, you might be advised to schedule a few marriage counseling sessions, either alone or with your partner. During these sessions, a licensed marriage counselor listens to you and your partner discuss the state of your marriage and what you feel is causing your rift, then explores ways you can mend this rift through a guided critical discussion. Sometimes, marriage counselors assign “homework” to their clients, such as journaling or communication exercises. The problems in your marriage might not drive you to divorce.

Sometimes, marriage counseling can be the key to avoiding divorce. Other times, it becomes clear during counseling that a couple should not remain together. If you reach this insight during your marriage counseling session, do not think of it as a failure. You put work into your marriage and, after facing the issues present in it, determined that a divorce would be healthiest for all members of your family. If you are considering attending a marriage counseling session, prepare yourself to discuss the following issues during it:

Your Role in Your Marriage's Problems

Issues in a marriage do not exist in a vacuum. During your counseling session, you will be asked to take responsibility for your role in creating the environment where your marriage problems reared their heads and caused discord.

Your Expectations for Yourself and Your Partner

You might also need to explore what you expect of yourself and your partner in your marriage. This is not about assigning blame, but analyzing whether you have realistic and fair expectations for yourself and those around you or if you are damaging relationships by having unfair expectations.

Your Finances

Money is the most common reason why couples fight. Your discussion of your finances will touch on the topics above, such as how your spending, earning, or saving habits have caused your conflicts or how your expectations for your financial health have impacted how you relate to your partner.

Your Communication Style

During your counseling session, you might also find that you and your partner do not communicate in a productive manner. You might work with the counselor to determine better ways to speak with your partner, such as avoiding name-calling or learning how to control your temper.

Work with a Kane County Divorce Attorney

It is not uncommon for married couples who are facing conflict to seek help from a licensed marriage counselor. In fact, even if the counseling sessions do not lead to a couple fixing the problems in their marriage, they can help each partner determine what he or she needs to work on individually and learn how to have more productive relationships in the future. If you are considering filing for divorce or you have already done so, work with an experienced Kane County divorce attorney who can help you make this process as productive and painless as possible. Schedule your initial legal consultation with the Goostree Law Group today.



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