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Dad Proves Kindness and Compassion are Still Possible (and Important) After Divorce

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kindness after divorce, Kane County family law attorneysMost people think of divorce as a contentious matter – one in which parties fight to the bitter end over big things, small things, and everything in between. Yet this is not always the case. A dad in Boston is proving it in his everyday life by doing kind and compassionate things for his ex-wife. When asked why, his simple and straightforward response was that it teaches his boys to be kind and loving toward all women, especially their mother. The following shows how right he is, and can help you have an amicable divorce as well.

Focus on What Really Matters

When asked how he manages to keep things amicable between himself and his ex-wife, the Boston man said he and his ex-wife decided early on that they were going to avoid petty behavior in front of the kids. More than that, they were going to put in the effort to co-parent and show one another respect. The mother is completely on board as well. On Father’s Day, she makes sure their sons purchase a gift for their dad.

Remember That You Are Modeling Behavior

Out of all the things the dad said, his statement about being a model for his children stands out the most. Of course, most parents know they are being watched and mimicked by their children. Unfortunately, it is easy to forget this fact during the divorce process – a time when emotions and stress are high, and you may be feeling hurt, angry, or betrayed. You can often keep these heightened feelings in check by remembering that your children still love their other parent, but it is not always enough to keep you from acting out against your ex.

Support and Boundaries are Crucial

No man is an island, and no divorcing parent should ever attempt to go through the process alone. Support from family and friends can be crucial to your peace of mind and sanity. Counseling with a therapist or through a support group can help you process overwhelming emotions. Boundaries, which you and your spouse develop together, can also be a saving grace. So seek all the support you can get, find ways to communicate that minimize the pain, and always seek legal guidance to help reduce the stress of divorce.

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