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Dealing with Illness While Going Through Divorce

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Dealing with Illness While Going Through DivorceSometimes, your body seems to have a knack for knowing exactly the wrong time for you to get sick. During a divorce would be one of those times because being sick could interfere with you completing the process while balancing your work and personal responsibilities. Of course, feeling ill during high-stress events is not always a coincidence. The constant stress can weaken your immune system or cause its own maladies. Some people going through divorce lead an unhealthy lifestyle because of how hectic their lives are. Though you may think you cannot afford to be sick, you must take steps to protect your health:

  1. Know When to See a Doctor: Sometimes, a little time off is what you need to help yourself feel better. However, you may need to schedule a doctor’s appointment if your symptoms are particularly bad, persist for a couple of days or reoccur somewhat frequently. Do not assume that your illness will go away on its own. Your symptoms could be from a minor bug or a major illness. You will not know unless you see a doctor.
  2. Take Your Health Seriously: If you do see a doctor, it is important to follow their instructions for how you can feel better. Obviously, take the medicine your doctor prescribes and tell them if you have any adverse side effects. Your doctor may suggest that you change your diet, get regular exercise and find more time to sleep or relax. Try to incorporate these changes into your lifestyle, even if it may take time out of your schedule. Feeling healthier can make you more productive during your working hours.
  3. Tell Others About Your Health: Whether it is a temporary illness or chronic condition, the people in your life need to know about your health in order to help you. Your divorce lawyer needs to know whether your illness will affect your availability or if they can help relieve some of your stress. Your work supervisor may understand that you need a little time off in order to come back as a healthier employee. Your friends and family can help you with your daily tasks, including watching your children. Suffering in silence will only make your recovery more difficult.

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We cannot plan for when we get sick but can plan for how we will respond to it. You need to tell your divorce team if the stress from the process is affecting your health. A Kane County divorce lawyer at Goostree Law Group will handle the complicated legal matters. Our divorce coach can suggest strategies for coping with stress. To schedule a free consultation, call 630-584-4800.


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