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Fitness of a Parent in Child Custody Cases

Posted on in Child Custody

fitness-of-a-parentFitness to parent a child is critical to having the court assign you a favorable level of parenting time or parenting responsibilities following a divorce. Parenting issues like child support, parenting time, and parenting responsibilities are key issues in family law and when determining appropriate rulings for a family, the court scrutinizes both parents and their households to create a post-divorce arrangement that is in the child's best interest.

You might encounter a guardian ad litem during your divorce, which is a neutral third party who interviews parents and children to determine the best living situation for the child. You might also be subject to accusations of poor parenting or poor character from your former spouse in court. In any situation where your parenting skills are questioned, do not become defensive. Instead, show that you are a qualified parent by demonstrating the following.

Show that You Can Support Your Child

If you are facing an allegation that you cannot afford to provide for your child, use your pay stubs and documentation of your bank accounts to prove otherwise. If you have fallen on hard times, explain the circumstances you are facing and how you are moving past them.

Show That You Know How to Be a Parent

If you are facing an allegation that you simply allow your child to do whatever he or she wants or that you have no clue about how to effectively parent a child, prove otherwise with testimonies and documentation attesting to your daily life with your child. This can include a journal of each meal showing that you can provide nutritious meals on a regular schedule or a journal detailing the disciplinary measures you take with your child.

Part of being an effective parent is taking an active role in your child's academic life. Show that you are involved in this area by providing documentation of your communication with your child's teacher and proof that your household values education and encourages academic achievement.

Be Willing to Talk about Conflict Resolution

The goal is not to show that your former partner is a bad parent – it is to show that you are capable of working with him or her effectively. An important part of any relationship is conflict resolution. Talk about how you resolve conflicts between yourself and your former partner, yourself and your child, and your child and any other member of your household.

Work with a Kane County Family Attorney

If you are a parent currently going through the divorce process or considering filing for divorce in the future, understand that you will need to show that you are a stable, nurturing force in your child's life and that a consistent relationship with you is in your child's best interest. Work with an experienced Kane County family attorneys at our firm to determine how you can best show the court that you are a great parent. Contact us today to schedule your legal consultation with our firm.



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