Five Advantages to Divorcing While Young

 Posted on March 15, 2018 in Divorce

Five Advantages to Divorcing While YoungDivorcing before the age of 30 is uncommon today, partially because people are waiting longer to get married. People who do divorce at a young age face some social stigma. Their friends and family may question whether the couple:

  • Rushed into the marriage;
  • Quit on the marriage too soon;
  • Were too immature to be married;
  • Do not take relationships and marriage seriously; or
  • Could not sustain the marriage because of personality flaws.

It is unfair to judge people’s marriages and divorces based on their age. Younger couples can enter marriage for mature reasons, and older couples can make mistakes in getting married. Unfortunately, young divorcees may be the ones doubting themselves the most. They should remember the positive aspects of divorcing while they are still young:

  1. Chance for Reset: People who wait until they are older to divorce have less time to start over with a new relationship. Young divorcees are at an age when many people have not yet married. There is ample time for them to start a new relationship, get married and have a family.
  2. Cutting Losses: It takes some spouses decades to realize or admit that their marriage is not working. That means years of being stuck in an unhappy marriage. Young divorcees are acknowledging the truth of their marriage sooner and lessening their years of unhappiness.
  3. Child Issues: Younger couples may not have had children yet because many spouses are waiting until they are in their 30s to become parents. The allocation of parental responsibilities and child support are two of the most contentious and emotional aspects of a divorce negotiation. Having no children from the marriage allows the former spouses to completely disconnect from each other after divorce.
  4. Fewer Complications: Spouses build up shared properties during a long marriage, all of which must be accounted for in the division of property. Younger couples had less time to accumulate marital properties and are less likely to have complex finances, such as diverse business interests and lucrative retirement accounts.
  5. Learning from Mistakes: People who reflect on their divorces often realize that they made mistakes in their marriages. They can change themselves for the better but may wish they had realized their mistakes sooner. Younger divorcees have learned things about themselves that other couples took decades to figure out. They also have more time to use what they learned.

Young Divorce

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