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Focus on Children, Eases the Conflicts in Divorce

Posted on in Divorce
In a recent study, it was found that parents who are going through a divorce and focus more on their children rather than their relationship problems are being better parents than those who are not. Conflicts within a marriage, and those after a divorce, have the greatest effect on children, according to Dr. Marilyn Coleman. She also says that it can damage a child’s development. This is because kids who from families who go through a divorce have lost access to both of their parents, and if the fighting continues even after the divorce, the children have not only lost access but also are still involved in the constant conflict. It exposes the children to the ugliness of the conflict which can be very harmful to a child. Some divorced couples have found that their relationship has gotten better once they began focusing on their children. They communicate freely between each other via text, email, or phone. Once these parents became cordial with each other, they could begin communicating issues that came up in their children’s lives. The cordial relationships also allowed for equal times between each parent for the children. Although shared custody does not always allow for no conflict, if both parents put forth effort it will make it easier, according to Dr. Coleman. Dr. Coleman states that, “The goal for divorced parents should be to maintain the best co-parenting relationships possible by moving past prior relationship issues and focusing on children’s well-beings.” If you or anyone you know is thinking about a divorce, whether children are involved or not, be sure to contact a Kane County attorney who will put your children's needs first. Contact Goostree Law Group today to help you with any of your divorce needs.
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