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Four Tips for Treating Yourself to a Post-Divorce Vacation

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Four Tips for Treating Yourself to a Post-Divorce VacationTaking a vacation after completing your divorce can be therapeutic. You have built up a lot of stress during the process and may need a short period of time when you can relax and enjoy yourself. It is easier to avoid reminders of your divorce by getting away from your familiar home environment. Visiting a new location may inspire a fresh perspective on your life after divorce. You can decide for yourself when the best time will be to take that vacation and where you should go. Here are four tips for making vacation plans after a divorce:

  1. Identify What You Enjoy: Vacations can be very busy or very relaxed. Some people enjoy visiting new places and seeing the sites. Others like physical activities that are intensive or leisurely. You may prefer sitting on a beach or finding a quiet place where you can disconnect. This vacation should focus on what you enjoy, whether that is activity or inactivity.
  2. Vacation Within Your Means: Your divorce will naturally diminish your financial resources because of the requirement to divide your marital property. You should not schedule a vacation that will break your budget. It would also look bad if you receive spousal maintenance and immediately use it on a lavish trip. If your money is tight, be creative in your vacation plans by picking a less expensive destination that you will still enjoy. A weekend trip may be more practical than a week-long stay.
  3. Meeting Your Children’s Needs: Having children will affect your vacation plans. Your children deserve a vacation as well, which may delay your plans until the summer. A family vacation may be less relaxing for you and prevent you from doing some of the activities that you enjoy. You will need to fit your vacation into your parenting schedule, which may involve changing your normal schedule. You can plan a vacation without your children, but that would still require consulting with your co-parent.
  4. Having Company: You have the choice of whether you will vacation alone or with others. A solo vacation gives you more freedom to relax but may be lonely. You can invite friends or family to accompany you on the trip, with the understanding that you want to avoid talking about your divorce. You should consider joining a tour group if you like structure and interacting with people who have similar interests.

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