Deadbeats Don't Drive: Hardship Licenses for Not Paying Child Support

 Posted on September 23, 2015 in Child Support

license-revocation.jpgIt is a well-known fact among divorced Illinois parents that one of the consequences for failing to pay one's child support is the suspension of his or her driver's license. In fact, there is even a catchy name for the law that created this consequence: Deadbeats Don't Drive. But for many parents and non-parents alike, the measure seems illogical.


A parent can not make his or her child support payments if he or she can not afford them. If that parent loses his or her driver's license, his or her job opportunities become extremely limited, making it even more difficult or even impossible to get caught up on his or her owed child support. In Illinois, the court may suspend a parent's driver's license if he or she is 90 days or more behind on his or her child support payments.


In many states, individuals whose driver's licenses are suspended may apply for a hardship license, which is a court-approved restricted driver's license for him or her to use during the suspension. In Illinois, parents who lose their licenses due to child support delinquency can obtain this type of license by petitioning to the court with proof that they have no alternate transportation options and that the driver's license suspension is preventing them from going to work, transporting a household member to work, obtaining drug or alcohol rehabilitation, or obtaining medical care. This is known as a family financial responsibility driving permit. If you are considering seeking this type of permit, work with an experienced child support attorney to write your petition and seek court approval.

Restrictions of the Family Financial Responsibility Driving Permit

If you obtain this type of permit while your driver's license is suspended, it will be restricted to only the driving that is deemed absolutely necessary. This is done through a court order making the permit only valid on certain days or during certain time frames. Driving outside of these allotted time frames or to places that are not approved destinations can result in the revocation or suspension of the permit.

To avoid having your driver's license suspended for child support delinquency, consider seeking a modification to your required child support payments if you can not afford to make them. A modification is a court order that reduces a parent's required payment amount if he or she proves that changed circumstances have caused him or her to suffer financial hardship. If you are feeling any type of financial stress about your child support payments, talk to your attorney about this option. Do not allow yourself to become delinquent with your payments.

Child Support Attorneys in Kane County

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