I Am Thinking About Divorce but Want to Send My Child to College

 Posted on September 15, 2023 in Divorce

Kane County divorce lawyerOften, when we think about parents going through a divorce, we imagine the couple trying to figure out how they will split custody, who will take the children to soccer practice or ballet class, and where the children will spend their holidays.

However, parents can decide to get a divorce at any stage in their life, and this can happen when a family has older children as well. A question that often comes up in Illinois divorce is how the child’s college education will be paid for if the parents are no longer acting as a unit. College expenses are constantly on the rise, which is why this can be a very important issue to work out during divorce proceedings. An experienced Kane County, IL divorce lawyer can help guide you through the process.

My Spouse and I Cannot Agree on Anything. How Will We Work Together to Pay For Our Child’s Degree?

Child support used to be a payment that divorced parents took into consideration until their children turned 18 years old. Nowadays, that is not always the case. Illinois judges have been increasingly requiring divorcing parents to form a plan for financing their children’s college education if they have the financial ability to do so.

When a couple is getting a divorce in the State of Illinois, the courts will take several factors into account when trying to determine how their child’s college education will be paid for. These factors include: 

  • Both parents’ ability to pay, based on their respective income, and whether either has significant wealth

  • The child’s needs (which can include application fees, tuition, room and board, textbook costs, and more)

  • The child’s academic achievements (they are required to maintain a “C” grade average) 

  • Any financial resources the child may have

There are many factors to consider here, but once a child receives their bachelor’s degree, the courts will no longer require their divorced parents to make arrangements to pay for further education. A child who gets married will not be entitled to have their school expenses covered by their parents.

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