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Illinois May Pass Gay Marriage Bill | Illinois Family Law Attorney

Posted on in Family Law
Illinois family law attorney (Lara)It is very possible that gay marriage may finally become legal in the state of Illinois.  According to an article recently published by the Chicago Sun-Times, the Illinois House Executive Committee began to consider a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage.  This happened back on February 27th.  Before it can be passed and go into effect, however, it must go for a full House vote (and pass).  Governor Pat Quinn has promised to sign the bill into law as soon as he is given the opportunity to do so. Some say that it is time for President Obama to express full support for a federal right of marriage equality now that he is in his second term.  Many people also say it is time for the Illinois House to pass the law that will allow same-sex marriage.  Marriage equality advocate Jill Metz states, “While the bill did advance last week, the vote was sadly far from a landslide (6-5), and we still have a hurdle to overcome before gay couples in Illinois are afforded the civil rights that they deserve.  However, it’s definitely a long-awaited step in the right direction.” It is true, however, that there are still many misconceptions in regards to the fight for gay marriage.  These misconceptions include the “fact” that gay people don’t “need” to get married, gay people don’t care about monogamy, and that the fight for gay marriage will die out sooner or later.  All of these ideas are false for many different reasons. Some people believe that in the future we will look back at those who have fought against marriage equality in the same light in which we look at those who fought against emancipation or integration or women's rights. The quest for gay marriage is one of the most prevalent and important civil rights issues of our time. There is hope for Illinois gay couples to be able to legally wed.  Sadly, every day people are discriminated against and denied rights, such as marriage or adoption, based on things such as their sexual preference.  If you have found yourself discriminated against for one reason or another that is technically illegal, do not hesitate to contact an Illinois family law attorney to help you fight for your rights and seek equal treatment.
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