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Initiating Conversations About Prenuptial Agreements

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Initiating Conversations About Prenuptial AgreementsDespite the practicality of getting a prenuptial agreement, there is no avoiding that it is an awkward conversation to have with the person you plan to marry. Talking about a prenup means you are admitting the possibility that your marriage will end in divorce. It is particularly uncomfortable if you are the one who broaches the subject. Anger, distress and avoidance are all possible reactions. How you introduce the topic can determine whether you will be able to continue the conversation and create an agreement.

Framing the Conversation

Before you have your first prenup conversation, you should consider ways to present the subject that make it seem more benign. You can plan exactly what you will say to start the conversation, but everything beyond that should follow a broader outline. Sounding scripted can be off putting, and you must be flexible enough to respond to unexpected questions. You can expect that your significant other will ask why you want a prenuptial agreement. Prepare several answers that frame the idea as reasonable:

  1. Contingency Plan: Creating a prenuptial agreement does not mean you are anticipating a divorce. Ideally, you will never need to use the document. However, you will be grateful for having the agreement in the event that divorce does happen.
  2. Mutually Beneficial: Some people believe that a future spouse asks for a prenuptial agreement in order to take advantage of a person with less financial savvy. Tell your significant other that the agreement is meant to protect and benefit you both. Your significant other will bring in his or her own attorney to make sure the agreement is fair.
  3. Calmer Negotiations: As awkward as creating a prenuptial agreement can be, divorce negotiations are often more tense and stressful. You have a better disposition for amicable negotiations before you marry than when you decide to divorce.
  4. Low Pressure: Your significant other may be overwhelmed at the thought of creating a prenuptial agreement. Start the conversation far in advance of when you plan to marry. That way, you can reassure your significant other that he or she does not need to make any immediate decisions. You will both have time to think about the agreement and carefully construct it.

Planning Ahead

No one enters a marriage expecting that they will divorce, and it may be that neither party is blame if it does happen. A Kane County family law attorney at Goostree Law Group can help you prepare for the possibility of divorce by creating a prenuptial agreement. Schedule a free consultation by calling 630-584-4800.


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