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Is There Any Way to Lower My Child Support Payment?

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St. Charles, IL child support lawyerThe state of Illinois expects parents to financially support their children even if they are unmarried or divorced. Child support payments help divide the financial burden between both of the parents. The parent with the lesser amount of parenting time provides financial support to the parent with the greater share of the parenting time. The parent with the majority of parenting time makes his or her financial contributions to the child by paying for things like housing, groceries, and other everyday expenses.

If you are the paying parent or “obligor” you may be worried about your ability to make child support payments. Perhaps you have lost your job or experienced another financial hardship, and you can no longer afford child support. There are ways to modify a child support payment amount, however, the courts only allow child support modifications in certain circumstances.

Request a Modification Review

Child support obligations are based on both parents’ net incomes and are designed to be affordable and reasonable. However, the state recognizes that parents’ financial situations can change. If you wish to reduce your child support obligation, you will need to file a petition to modify your child support order. You will need to explain your reasons for requesting the modification. Typically, a “substantial change in circumstances” is needed for a parent to get his or her child support order changed.

You may qualify for a modification if:

  • There is a large discrepancy between your obligation and the child support guidelines established in Illinois law. This may happen if one or both parent’s financial situation has changed dramatically since the initial child support order was established. For example, if the recipient parent has experienced a financial windfall or significant increase in income, the paying parent may be able to reduce his or her contributions.

  • The modification is needed to provide for the child’s healthcare or medical needs.

  • There has been a substantial change in circumstances. Examples of changes in circumstances that may necessitate a child support modification include job loss, significant reduction in income, or a parent’s disability or severe illness. The child becoming an adult, moving out of the parent’s home, getting married, or joining the military may also justify a child support modification or termination.

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Modifying child support is possible, but it is not always easy. If you need to change your child support order, contact our Kane County family law attorneys for help. Call Goostree Law Group at 630-584-4800 and set up a free consultation.


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