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Modification of Parenting Time Schedule

Posted on in Child Custody

parenting-time-modificationThere are many reasons why an individual may be determined to be a poor role model for his or her child or that a relationship between him or her and the child is not in the child's best interest. Mental health problems, addiction, or involvement with a harmful activity or individual can tarnish a parent's image in the court's eyes. But these issues do not exist forever. When a parent who was previously found to have a negative influence in his or her child's life turns his or her situation around, he or she may seek to have his or her parenting time increased. Work with an experienced family attorney to prove that your circumstances have changed and seek a modification to your parenting time order.

Examples of How a Parent Can Get Help

If the court only grants you limited time with your child because of a factor or circumstance in your life that could potentially be harmful to your child's health or safety, work with your attorney to determine how you can eliminate this factor. Some examples of improvement you can seek include:

  • Psychological counseling; 
  • Anger management classes;
  • Parenting classes;
  • Drug education program or rehabilitation; and 
  • Moving away or cutting ties with an individual or group whose actions can potentially harm your child.    

The key to a successful modification to a parenting time schedule is proving that you have experienced significantly changed circumstances. By showing the court proof that you have received professional help and are now more capable of being a healthy, nurturing parent, you are improving your chance of getting the modification you seek.

Seeking a Modification

Your attorney can petition to the court to have your parenting time arrangement modified. Stability is important to a growing child, so modifications to parenting schedules are generally only permitted every two years to avoid constant upheaval in the child's life.

Your child's other parent could potentially be either helpful or harmful toward your modification petition. If you have an amicable relationship with your former partner, talk about your intention of seeking more parenting time with him or her. See if you can work out a new parenting schedule together. Remember, an alteration to your parenting time schedule could mean a change to your child support order if it brings a change of financial responsibility to you or your former spouse.

Work with a Kane County Family Attorney

We all go through rough patches in our lives. This does not mean that our previous mistakes should haunt us forever. If you have experienced a significant change in your life for the better and now want to become a bigger part of your child's life, work with an experienced Kane County family attorney to take the steps necessary to reconnect with your child. At our firm we help parents like you build and maintain strong relationships with their children. Contact our firm today to get started with us.



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