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Mothers in Divorce

Posted on in Divorce
Traditional roles in marriage are changing, but they are also still very prominent in divorce cases. It is still common for courts to grant the custody of children to their mother if there is no clear reason to take a different approach. But what happens when a mother stays at home and puts their career on hold, only to end up as the non-custodial parent in divorce. One of the Huffington Post Divorce bloggers wrote a post about this topic. The blogger talks about a friend who married immediately after finishing graduate school and became a full-time mother, while the husband pursued his career. The couple bought a house in the suburbs and lived a wholesome, all-American lifestyle with their relatives close by. This couple ended up going through a three-year-long divorce process that was anything but easy for them. After three years of battling, the mother gave up custody of their children to the father. But what follows a divorce in the life of a stay-at-home mother who becomes the non-custodial parent? Whether both parents should work, or one of them should stay at home, is one of the main questions when couples have children. Matters as big as this can also lead to enormous issues and even divorces later on in life. When you are planning to file for divorce, get an experienced divorce attorney to help you. Our knowledgeable Illinois family law attorneys can make your divorce proceedings easier for you. Do not hesitate before contacting our offices.
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