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New Apps May Make Divorce a Little Easier

Posted on in Divorce
We are a society that loves our phone apps. There are of course the entertainment apps – music, games, social media, etc. There are apps that make our lives easier – GPS apps, apps to scan our groceries as we shop, banking apps, note taking apps and even apps that will tell you where the closest public restroom is to the location you’re at. A recent article in Huffington Post reports that there are now apps that can help make the divorce process a bit more organized as well.
  • The Divorce Log app is a calendar based program and helps keep all the information you need to keep track of all in one place. It allows you to track items like child support and alimony payment dates, time you spend with the children and any expenses you incur. Any entries that are store in the app can be forwarded directly to an email address, allowing you to send the info directly to an attorney or ex-spouse.
  • The Parenting Apart app provides resources for divorced couples of children. Users can search for the answers to common questions about co-parenting, helping your children adjust and other support related questions.
  • The iSplit Divorce app helps divorcing couples divide up expensive marital assets. Each item – such as the house, cars, etc. – is assigned an icon, with the user assigning a monetary value for the item. As the decision is made of which spouse gets which item, the app keeps a running total of each party’s assets, ensuring a fair split. The information can all be exported into a spreadsheet.
  • Child Support Calculator app – This app can help divorcing parents determine the cost of monthly support payments. After entering the state where the parties’ divorce proceedings are taking place, the income of both and the percentage of custody for each parent has in order to determine the amount to be paid.
  • The 2Houses app could be just the solution for divorcing parents who are having a difficult time communicating. Each parent can edit and update a shared digital calendar to help keep track of children’s schedules. It also helps to ensure that both parents are aware of school events, sports schedules, etc. And if one parent makes a schedule change, a notification is automatically sent to the other parent.
Even the friendliest divorces can be difficult. If you are considering filing, contact an experienced Illinois divorce attorney to help guide you through what can be a very complicated legal process.
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