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Protect yourself and your Loved Ones

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domestic violence IMAGEDomestic violence is a very unfortunate and very dangerous reality for some individuals, including some children. Those who turn to violence as a means of control and power over others do not care about gender, age, or mental capacity. Anyone can fall victim to domestic violence and anyone can take the necessary steps to free themselves from the tyranny of another in domestic violence situations.

Orders of Protection

In Illinois, orders of protection and restraining orders are codified under the Code of Criminal Procedure. When domestic violence occurs, those actions are criminal in nature and significant punishments can and often do accompany the actions. For you, as the abused, an order of protection can save you from the violence that you are experiencing or have experienced in the past. 725 ILCS 5/ Article 112 A-11.1 can offer you some guidance on what the courts will look at in determining if certain crimes are crimes of domestic violence.

Some of the remedies for the issuance of an order of protection include a prohibition of abuse, exclusive possession of the residence, stay away or restraining orders, and additional prohibitions against the violent party. Custody, financial support, and counseling are some of the additional remedies the court will consider, depending on the parties involved. There are also several orders of protection that the court may consider, including an emergency order of protection, a 30-Day interim order of protection, or a plenary order of protection. Once an order of protection is in place, a violation of that order carries potential criminal charges, which will often deter the violent party from attempting to pursue continued violence against the victim.

Because of the complicated nature of the law, you should seek legal help to navigate through it. The most important thing to remember in cases of domestic violence is that there is help for you and your loved ones.

Legal Help

If you believe that you or a loved one has been the victim of domestic violence, do not wait to get help. Often the violence can and does escalate, putting you and your loved ones at greater risk. Contact an experienced Kane County family law attorney who understands domestic violence and can get you the help you need. The Professionals at Goostree Law Group, can provide the assistance you need. Call today 630-584-4800 for a free and confidential conversation with an attorney.
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