Psychological Counseling for Children of Divorce

 Posted on September 11, 2015 in Children of Divorce

children-of-divorce.jpgA divorce can be difficult for every member of the family. Even the most amicable divorce is a significant lifestyle change for parents and children. For many children whose parents are currently divorcing or have recently divorced, psychological counseling is a productive way to identify and express their feelings about the divorce in a safe, nurturing setting.

Most children show signs of anxiety, behavioral problems, or depression during their parents' divorce and after. Approximately one third of children continue to show these signs five years after their parents' divorces. If your child exhibits these behaviors, understand that they are normal. Children process lifestyle changes like a divorce differently than adults do, and a child's age and maturity level play significant roles in how he or she handles a divorce. Your child might become moody and withdrawn, refusing to discuss his or her feelings or become irritable and explosive. It is your job as a parent to remain emotionally available for him or her regardless of your own feelings about the divorce.

Certain Behaviors to Note

If your child exhibits the following behaviors during or after divorce, he or she could very likely benefit from psychological counseling:

  • Disordered eating;
  • Bullying siblings, classmates, or other acquaintances;
  • Substance abuse;
  • Anxiety;
  • High levels of conflict with you, your former spouse, or other adults;
  • Refusal to participate in parental visitation;
  • Breaking rules or acting out at school; and/or
  • Signs of depression, such as a loss of interest in previous hobbies, sadness, difficulty organizing or expressing thoughts, feelings of isolation, and sleep disturbances.

Make an appointment for him or her with a counselor who specializes in child and adolescent issues. It might also be a good idea for you to seek counseling as well to learn how to handle your own feelings and your child's better after your divorce. For some families, family therapy is a great way for parents and children to work through their emotions and actions together.

When your child is in therapy, he or she will learn how to identify stressful situations before they occur and how to handle them in a healthy, productive manner. He or she will develop a greater insight to his or her perspective as well as the perspective of others involved in the situation. If you need help finding the right counselor or type of therapy for your child, talk with his or her school counselor about your child's unique needs. He or she might be able to make valuable suggestions for your child.

Family Attorneys in Kane County

Every child's needs are unique. Even within the same family, two children might react to their parents' divorce is dramatically different ways. For legal guidance as you work through the divorce process and contact Goostree Law Group When you call, you can schedule your free legal consultation with a skilled Kane County family attorney to discuss your case. We can answer your questions about the legal process of divorcing and what to expect in the months and years that follow. Let us give you the compassionate, driven support you need during this time.





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